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EXCLUSIVE: Alex Nation moves on from Bill Goldsmith… with Richie Strahan?

Two weeks after Paradise, Alex and Bill have split… and with Richie single, the door’s open!

By NW team
When Alex Nation and Bill Goldsmith were spied smooching in a Melbourne park last month, the first couple from the second season of Bachelor In Paradise was confirmed!
Yep, it appeared the 2016 Bachie winner had found love again with Ali Oetjen's second runner-up. But just a month after the steamy pictures emerged, the pair have called it quits, as rumours swirl that Bill wasn't entirely committed to Alex after all.
Alex Nation and Richie Strahan are rumoured to be back together. (Source: Network Ten)
And now it's believed Alex has found comfort with someone else... her ex Richie Strahan.
"Bill told Alex that he loved her, and when they left Fiji, they were head over heels for each other," spills NW's source. "But within two weeks, it was already over!"Indeed, the insider reveals Bill, 31, had a change of heart and told Alex, 27, he didn't want to be together anymore.
"He said he wasn't in love with her and didn't want to be with her anymore – even though just days before, in front of a stack of cameras, he told her he was," the source tells NW. "He said he was confused and needed time to clear his head."
According to the spy, Bill got "too caught up in the magic of the show", and when he returned home to Melbourne, his feelings changed.
Bill Goldsmith broke up with Alex Nation. (Source: Network Ten)
But things went from bad to worse quickly. Yep, just a week after they split, mother-of-one Alex apparently received a bunch of messages from girls claiming he'd been "hitting them up."
"It turns out the moment he returned from Fiji, he was sending messages to girls on Instagram asking them to meet up," claims our snitch. "He apologised for it, but her trust was gone."
Alex was said to be truly shattered, particularly since she'd already introduced Bill to her son Elijah.
"Bill said he really wanted to meet him," spills the spy. "So she set it up, thinking this was a long-term thing."
Bill and Alex were an item made in Paradise heaven... (Source: Network Ten)
Despite recent reports that suggest Alex and Bill are on bad terms, a friend close to the pair insists they have since been talking – although there's "no chance" they'll get back together.
"He really misses Alex and he genuinely feels horrible about what happened," reckons the informant. "He's messaging her, telling her he wants to be with her again and that he's sorry.
But she couldn't trust him as far as she could throw him."
Now Alex is said to be picking up the pieces from another heartbreak after public splits with former flame Richie and ex-fiancée Maegen Luxa.
Alex and her girlfriend at the time, Maegan Luxa. (Source: Instagram)
"She gave it a shot with Bill, thinking he wanted the same things in life as her," says the source. "She's happy to be his friend, but as for more? That won't happen."
So what's next for Alex now that she's back on the market?
Well, after reports emerged that she hit it off with fan favourites Brooke Blurton and James Trethewie – Sophie Monk's loveable reject – there's a chance we could see another Paradise romance wash up on shore.
However, recent gossip suggests that, after burying the hatchet with her ex Richie – the man she called "the love of her life" before the split in 2017– a reunion could most definitely be in the works!
Alex Nation and Richie Strahan after the finale of The Bachelor 2016. (Source: Network Ten)
"Never say never," says an insider of the possibility of Alex and Richie getting back together. "They were crazy in love once upon a time. They were planning a family and their whole lives together.
"Alex and Richie had been out of each other's lives since their break-up," adds the spy. "Now that they've had a chance to talk – and ultimately remember what they once had – anything is possible..."
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