Bachelor in Paradise

It's on! Inside Bill Goldsmith and Alex Nation's budding romance

Everything we know so far...

By Anita Lyons
It's official! We have our very first Bachelor in Paradise 2019 couple!
Thanks to some very sneaky pap photos, The Bachelorette's Bill Goldsmith and The Bachelor's Alex Nation are an item.
Now to Love were the first to reveal that a "love triangle" had formed between Bill, Alex and Florence Alexandra, however, that seems to have dissipated and the two look blissfully in love/like/lust!?
According to our source: "Bill and Alex seem to hit it off but then Flo comes into the picture and sets her sights on Bill."
Now, firmly out of Flo's grasps, the couple have left Fiji, (after, according to the Daily Mail, "declaring their love for one another") and are now living their happily ever after...
With this, we take a look back at their respective journeys - and what led them to each other!
Bill Goldsmith and Alex Nation are an item! (Source: Getty)


Alex Nation became a household name when she was picked over fan favourite Nikki Gogan on Richie Strachan's season of the Bachelor in 2016.
At the time, the then 24-year-old was absolutely smitten with Richie and he in turn, was head-over-heels for her.
During their first meeting, Alex made sure she stood out from the crowd. She penned a poem and cast him under her spell. Richie then gifted her with the powerful white rose - meaning she could summon him for one-on-one time at her own discretion.
Throughout the entire season, Richie and Alex enjoyed a whirlwind romance full of love, laughs and chocolate baths and at the time, Alex spoke about their love to Woman's Day.
"We really get each other. We connected straight away. We have so much fun together and understand each other. He makes me laugh, and I've always said if you can make me laugh I'll love you forever."
Alex Nation and Richie Strahan after the finale of The Bachelor 2016. (Source: Network Ten)
Two years after the pair got together, the couple went their separate ways, shocking the entire Bachie fan base.
When asked by a fan on Instagram about why she decided to end their relationship, she replied: "Richie is a great person," she said. "He'll still get his ever after. We both hoped for things to work, but life just is.
"Sometimes things in life simply don't work out for us. You cherish the nice memories and you move forward."
Following the split, the mum-of-one, began dating Maegan Luxa, a member of her AFL women's team.
"When it comes to love, my friends and family would tell you that my heart isn't one to discriminate," she captioned a pic on Instagram.
"I very much fall for a person and the connection that I share with them. My heart is a wild thing, it craves extraordinary adventure. It's impulsive, sometimes a little dysfunctional but it's big and loud and I follow it to the nth degree. What a wonderful adventure it is with her."
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Alex and her girlfriend at the time, Maegan Luxa. (Source: Instagram)
In December of the same year, Alex and Maegan revealed that they were engaged, however, four months later, the pair split.
"You fall in love, you fall out of love," she wrote. "You get your heartbroken and it causes you immense pain. But you do this to others too."
"You make mistakes and you hurt people. But forgive yourself and learn to be kinder to yourself, you're a really good person!" Alex captioned an Instagram post.
"You kinda become this serial dater and I think you're trying to fill an emotional void," she wrote.
"Stop, you don't need to. Jumping from person to person doesn't help. It's just a huge headache and it really gives us anxiety, so stop with that sh*t. Please."
Since then, it seems that Alex only had one little man in her life - her son, Elijah.


Bill Goldsmith, 32, is a very new addition to the Bachelor-verse, having only just appeared on Ali Oetjen's season of The Bachelorette.
While he's only just become a household name, Bill has certainly made some serious waves and has given us some pretty good goss.
From receiving the very first kiss (in the very first episode), to his name "debacle" (his real name is David) and then his tedious ongoing feud with Charlie Newling., Bill was in the midst of all the drama on the show.
But it was his antics a few years ago which sent fans into a frenzy - and not in a good way.

During the Lindt Cafe siege in 2014 in Sydney's Martin Place, the 31-year-old plumber, who was living in Melbourne at the time, took to his account to express his distaste at the events.
"I'm finding it so hard not to be racist, after all this stuff in Sydney," he penned online back in 2014.
It didn't take long for his friends to clap back at his status.
"If a white male Australian / American / British Christian did it, would you still be thinking racist?" one user asked.
Bill then went on to claim that "99 per cent of terrorists are Muslims, religion in a whole is a crock of sh--. It's just a way to brainwash ppl into giving them money and get tax exemptions from the government [sic]."
They added: "I live in a Muslim/Arabic country, so you would think with the majority of people here being of that culture and religion there would be more of a chance of that s--t happening here. But no, everything besides the driving is pretty peaceful."
When Now to Love reached out for comment at the time, a Network Ten spokesperson said: "Bill has deleted the post and is extremely sorry for any offence he may have caused."
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During his stint on the show, which he made the final four, Bill's ongoing "feud" with Charlie was central to nearly every single episode.
In fact, in a chat with Now to Love, former Bachelorette cast mate, Danny Harris Smith, revealed a very funny anecdote!
"This is something that nobody knows," he revealed. "I woke up at about one or two o'clock in the morning," Danny said. "And they're both sleep talkers. They were literally sleep talking and arguing in their sleep."
"You know like in [the movie] Step Brothers when they're sleep walking, it was sort of like that. So they've just got a deep seeded hatred for each other and I don't think they'll ever make up."
"Hand on heart!" he said, as if we weren't going to believe him.
"It was so creepy because we all shared a room. I had to look around and see who was in what bed, and it was literally them two, because they both constantly sleep talk. One would be like 'na na na na' and then the next one would be like 'na na na na', one after the other - it was like they were having an argument. It was the weirdest thing."
"They weren't even making any sense. They were completely asleep."
Bill on the set of The Bachelorette 2018. (Source: Network Ten Media)
When Bill was sent home leaving Taite Radley and Todd King as the last men standing in the top two, Ali sent him home after a tense one-on-one date, telling him "we faced so many hurdles that I'm just not feeling I'm where I should be at" as she bid him farewell.
Those hurdles include rumours in the house (started by Charlie Newling) that he was "hiding something," and his decision to introduce Ali to an ex love interest, Amy, during the hometown visits.
After being walked out of the mansion, Bill told the cameras that if his decision to introduce Ali to Amy was the reason he was sent home "then we're probably not meant to be together, to be honest."
Bill opened up to TV Week about the shock elimination.
"It was a bit of a surprise but then again I don't know what the relationships are like with the other two guys," Bill told TV WEEK.
"I didn't know what was going on with them, and I was just focusing on our relationship. It was definitely a bit of a shock."
"It's never easy to be rejected, but that's part of it. It doesn't always go your way, but it definitely hurt."
Ali bids farewell to Bill. (Source: Network Ten Media)
Now that time has passed for both Bill and Alex and they have now met one another, we're hoping that they can go the distance and have finally found what they're looking for.