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Bachelorette 2018: Is Charlie Newling Jarrod Woodgate 2.0?

'I can definitely see myself falling in love with Ali'

By Anita Lyons
As we dive right in to the fourth season of The Bachelorette, it's hard not to make comparisons between seasons past.
As we get to know our guys, we can't help but notice who the 'Blake Coleman' is (Nathan Favro), the 'Stu Laundy' is (Damien Rider) and who the child is (Paddy Collier). Joking!
But in all serious, it's the 'Jarrod Woodgate' that we're most interested in and that comes in the form of the builder, Charlie Newling.
The 31-year-old has had the first single date of the series and if history is anything to go by, he definitely will not win – but he's going to give it a red hot go.

Charlie’s entrance

When Charlie arrived on the red carpet in the premiere episode, he held in his hand a very special gift for Ali – a handcrafted diary with her initials on it.
While you don't think of Jarrod straight away when you see a diary, you do think of Cass Wood and that's practically the same thing right?
In Charlie's diary, he wrote a note for Ali:
"Ali, Tonight we begin this journey together which I know will be a rollercoaster of emotions.
Heading into this I couldn't help but put myself in your shoes thinking about the challenging decisions you'll have to making in the coming days, weeks and months.
So I've made you this journal to write your thoughts and feelings down and to give you some clarity."
Awww very sweet, but also, is he hiding a pot plant in the pages?
Charlie meets Ali for the first time.
Charlie's journal entry in the diary he gave Ali

The first single date

As mentioned previously, Charlie was lucky enough to score the first single date of the season and as luck would have it, so did Jarrod when Sophie Monk chose him for her first date.
During the high-rise twister (?!) game, Charlie made Ali (and us) feel things.
"Charlie seems too good to be true," Ali told the camera, but also said that she would keep herself "in check and not fall in love straight away this time."
And then next minute: "How incredible is this guy? I'm terrified and he's doing everything he can to reassure me. No one could handle it better."
"He showed what type of man he is, someone that is always going to have my back." Ali decided to trust him so much that she gave him a passionate kiss, 60ft off the ground. Uh oh.
While we thought Ali had fallen pretty hard, it wasn't until the second part of the date, safely back on land, that we realised Charlie's intentions.
You see, the builder had talked himself out of applying for the show but "something kept pulling me back," he said.
"Finding out it was you, I knew instantly I've got to do this. And the one thing that really impressed me was in Paradise when you came straight out and said, I want to get married, I want the kids, I want the house with the white picket fence and I want this and I want it now."
Then of course they kissed again!
"Seriously, what if they're all like this?" Ali quipped.
WATCH: Charlie makes Ali feel safe.

Allowing himself to have feelings despite the other “boys”

Jarrod was infamous for feeling things and making a darned effort to get Sophie's attention - and it was with the "boys" that he always showed respect for her.
Charlie, is not much different – except maybe a lot more intense, if that's possible.
Coming back from his single date, tensions arose in the mansion.
"Is that lipstick on your cheek?" Todd asked.
"I'm not going to answer those types of questions," Charlie said. "I'm not one to talk about that in front of the boys, about that type of stuff."
But when probed further: "She's awesome, she's an amazing girl. I can definitely see myself falling in love with Ali."
Paddy Collier, who is making waves in the mansion, said what the rest of the guys were thinking.
"It's the first week," he told the cameras. "If you've fallen in love after knowing a girl for two hours at the max, then there's probably something wrong with you."
But it was when Charlie's intensity went from 50 to 1000 in ten seconds.
"Coming into this it was always my intention," he said of loving Ali to the other men. "I wouldn't be standing here." "She knows exactly what she wants and she's very strong about it and if you're not ready for that, well then there's the door." "If you guys aren't here for the right reasons, you're just wasting everyone's time."
Charlie and Ali share a second passionate kiss on their date.

Lurking in bushes and other such fun

During the cocktail party, Charlie went 'peak Jarrod' and watched on with beady eyes as Ali was taken away by several men.
"I've got to be noble and a gentleman and let the others go first," he said but then later on added."It's extremely hard for me to stop me from going up and seeing Ali," he said.
"I've just been thinking all day. I just want to continue what we shared from the single date together and follow on from how she's feeling from that.
"I'm sure she wants to speak with me but at the same time, I don't want to be the guy that comes on too strong."
Too strong? Feel familiar? Ahem. Jarrod.
During the tail end of the cocktail party, Charlie could not contain his excitement anymore so decidedly went and interrupted Cheyne's (see ya) one-on-one time.
Cheyne admits defeat and walks off and when they are alone together, Ali asks Charlie how he is, and they kiss.
"I'm good now," he says and CRINGE.
"I want to be with Ali," he told the cameras. "I've gotta think of me and I've got to think of her. They're the only two people who matter to me right now in the house right now."
And that's when we look back at Jarrod, walking alone on the sand in Fiji. Just walking with his head down and we catch a glimpse of Charlie's future...
Jarrod Woodgate, alone on the sand during the previous season of The Bachelorette.All Images: Network Ten
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