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5 signs Jarrod Woodgate could win The Bachelorette 2017

Because who doesn't love an 11th hour conspiracy theory?

By Bella Brennan
Love him or hate him, you can't help but applaud Jarrod Woodgate's dedication to the woman he loves.
And as we count down the seconds until The Bachelorette Australia 2017 finale tonight, our well-trained eyes couldn't help but notice a very interesting little detail when we were stalking his Instagram page today.
It made us realise there's been a handful of clues hinting Jarrod could be the winner of Sophie Monk's highly-sought after ticker...

He calls himself "Uncle Love"

A quick glance at the 31-year-old's Instagram page and to the naked eye, it all seems above board.
But on closer inspection, Jarrod refers to himself as "Uncle <3" in his bio.
Let's just take a second to process that.
For those playing at home, it's more than a weird coincidence seeing as though Sophie recently admitted her Chosen One's nickname is "Uncle Dave."
Speaking to TV WEEK about introducing her partner to her nieces and nephews, she revealed: “I called him ‘Uncle Dave.' I did it so that if the kids are at school and are asked about it, they’ll have no idea what’s going on.”
We'd also like to point out that Stu is a father-of-four while offspring-less Jarrod is a proud uncle.
It could mean nothing. It could mean everything. Only Uncle Love himself knows the true answer.
It's also important to note, the last time a subtle clue was left on someone's Instagram bio - THEY TURNED OUT TO BE THE WINNER.
Yep, who could forget when Matty J's love Laura Byrne described herself as "the Queen of reverse parking" before the show had even aired.
Clever fans pointed out that Matty's 2016 bio for The Bachelorette described him as a hopeful looking for love who had "just moved back to Sydney after living in London for four years, and finds women who can reverse park with ease particularly attractive."
Instagram bio inception.

Sophie keeps defending him

If anyone's copped a rinsing this season, it's Jarrod.
From taunts about his eagerness, his skin complexion, his laugh and of course that pot plant - the poor bloke has become the nation's punching bag, as well as his co-star's (looking at you Blake).
But Miss Monk has his back and continually insists he's not actually as creepy as he seems.
WATCH: Sophie sticks up for Jarrod. Post continues below...
"I see a different side to what you guys see. I'm telling you, he's such a beautiful, caring person," Sophie defended during a chat on Nova's Fitzy and Wippa this morning.
Is that a protective girlfriend kicking into gear?
Sophie was also quick to clap back when Fitzy and Wippa teased Jarrod, joking he camped outside Sophie and Stu's hotel room after the finale.
"You don't know if you're offending me!" Sophie said in protest.
Sophie's got Jarrod's back.

Those pink ugg boots

Last week when Sophie returned from Thailand, she landed at Sydney airport rocking a pair of pink ugg boots identical to the ones Jarrod gifted her on the show.
Although there's two school of thoughts here - one being that it could be an obvious move to make him look like the winner, the other being he is the winner and she wants a piece of him close to her at all time - the underlying question has to be asked, would you really wear a pair of shoes your ex gave you?
A lady can never own too many uggs.
We're actually jealous of how comfy they look - perfect transit get-up.

Sophie said we'd be surprised who wins

It's been a minute since we had a Bachie plot twist and we're well and truly due for one!
Fresh from the anti-climax of Matty J choosing Laura and the myriad of spoilers in the lead up to last month's Bachelor finale, maybe we've jumped the gun and gotten it all wrong assuming it's Stu.
Sophie even promised that the audience would be "surprised" by her choice.
Jarrod is most definitely the rogue choice. Stubert is the predictable outcome. Did we just crack the The Da Vinci Code?
And when she told her besties Kyle and Jackie O the winner's name, a shocked Kyle was quick to ask: "Are you sure that's the right decision?"

He's the only punter to drop the L bomb

The L word is the ultimate trump card on Bachieland and a one-way ticket to the grand finale.
And this season, Mr Pot Plant is the only chap game enough to have used it.
In fact, Jazza's sweet declaration moved Sophie to tears.
"Last time I saw Jarrod, he said he was falling in love with me. He's the only one to say that. With Jarrod, I never have to wonder about his feelings or motives. He's always so honest, heartfelt and genuine with me. And that's what I've always been looking for," Sophie mused.
When Jarrod asked her how she felt about his confession, a weeping Sophie gushed: "It's just all I've wanted is for someone to love me for me. And I feel like you're one of the nicest people ever. I really struggle feeling like people care about me properly. I'm really lucky I met you, honestly!"
Meanwhile, smirking Stu can't even talk about their future together without getting squirmish.