The Bachelor Australia

The Bachelor's Cass just dropped the L-word but does Nick feel the same?

The stage-five clinger is in love!

By Faye James
Viewers have compared her to this season's Jarrod and stage-five clinger Cassandra Wood, might have taken her obsessiveness to a new level with her confession on Wednesday night's episode of The Bachelor.
After feeling slightly rattled seeing frontrunners Brittany and Brook score single dates with the 'Honey Badger' Cass decides to confess to him exactly how she feels during the cocktail party.
"It makes me so jealous seeing him with the other girls, "Cass vents to the camera. "It's so hard for me to watch him with other girls."
Cass then decides to write Nick a letter and pull him over at the cocktail party to tell him just how she feels.
Cass decides to confess to Nick exactly how she feels during the cocktail party
In a cringeworthy moment, the blonde model drops the L-word just weeks into the show.
"From the moment I first saw you it was love at first sight," Cass reveals to a somewhat shocked Nick.
Hoping for a mutual response, Nick makes the moment even more awkward by hugging her and saying 'Ohhhh Cass,' like he had put her in the friend zone.
But despite knowing Nick didn't feel the same Cass went onto hint to the camera she was well in truly in love with the former Wallabies player.

And this is the first time Cass has made viewers cringe with her clinginess. In the first episode fans of the show were eager to liken her to Jarrod Woodgate.
"Cass is giving me serious Jarrod from Bachelorette '17 vibes. Next week on the Bachelor "who pissed on my diary?" One fan wrote.
"Cass is the Jarrod of the Bachelor. Too much way too soon. Calm yoself you look crazy," another mused.
Despite her "bunny boiler" approach, the Home and Away extra is believed to make it to the final four.
However after last night's episode, Cass has plummeted from fourth place to sixth place in the bookies' predictions for overall winner at $18 odds.
Opening up about being reunited with Cass, Nick admitted the stars never aligned for them.
"The timing wasn't right before because she was doing her thing and I was doing my thing."