Bachelor in Paradise

We found out exactly where Bachelor in Paradise is filmed

Wanderlusting for days...

By Anita Lyons
The Bachelor in Paradise island is a far-cry from the romantic, fairy-light adorned entrance to the Bachelor/ette mansion.
So for our newest cast mates of the 2020 BIP season, burying their feet in hot sand and sipping on cocktails by the pool will certainly be a change of pace.
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While many aspects of the popular dating show are kept tightly under wraps, we do have access to a few Paradise secrets. Case in point: Where this incredible holiday actually happens.
So, if you're like us and need to know every little detail about where the show is filmed, here's what you need to know about the sun-kissed Bachie island.
The new cast are no doubt about to bring some major ~drama~ to our screens. (Network Ten)

What is the resort they stay in?

While it's no secret that BIP has been pre-recorded in the summer months, the actual location of the resort has never been publicly disclosed by Network Ten.
However, we can reveal that the island paradise is none other than the Mango Bay Resort Fiji, where season one and two were filmed.
The stunning resort is located on the Coral Coast of Fiji at Namatakula Tadrawai.
"Tadrawai" literally translates to "Dreamwater" in Fijian.
The stunning resort is located on the Coral Coast of Fiji at Namatakula Tadrawai. (Google Maps)
The stunning view from Mango Bay Resort, Fiji! (Instagram)

What can you expect from the resort?

"Lush… Balmy… Unspoilt…. These are just a few of the idyllic thoughts that will cross your mind the moment you arrive," the resort's website boasts.
"Stay in authentic Fijian thatched bures, by the lush garden or white sandy beach and get a taste of rustic Fiji living at its best."
The website continues: "Put your feet up and relax or use as a hub for exploring the Coral Coast by water or by road."
Seriously, as soon as those borders open, we're getting ourselves over here pronto...
The very famous and exclusive beach. (Mango Bay Resort)

Where do the contestants stay?

You may remember the bungalows from the first season season - particularly when Flo Moerenhout threw her champagne over Jake Ellis, or when Laurina Fleure wouldn't leave her room.
Well, these beachfront beauties are real and YOU can stay in them… (If only these walls could talk)…
Each "bure" is located adjacent to the beach and has been "designed to present a traditional façade".
If you're looking for a romantic getaway, just like the drama-free and relaxing one our Bachie's get (ahem), you can stay in these gorgeous rooms for upwards of $AUD205 per night.
Inside the bures the contestants stay in. (Instagram)

Where does host Osher Gunsberg stay?

While we don't know this for sure, the resort does have some STUNNING Family Garden Villas – and we're hoping that this is where Osher stays.
Fit for a (Bachie) King! (Instagram)

Does Wise the bartender serve you drinks?

Do we all remember Wise from the first season of Bachelor in Paradise?
You know, the friendly barmen who was there for legitimately two reasons. One: To get all the hot goss from the cast and two, to keep them hydrated with, er... cocktails.
It's unclear whether he will be making a return this season, but we're hoping that if you get to visit the resort, he's on hand to give a very friendly, Bula!
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