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The Bachelor's Cat slams her rivals in the mansion: "I'm no snake"

'You've got to be yourself and do what's right for you'

By Melissa Field
Ever since she first appeared on screen, Cat has been central to the drama in The Bachelor Australia mansion.
So after eliminated contestant Cayla labelled her "a snake", it's no surprise that outspoken Cat has struck back.
"I'd say Cayla was a snake herself, we just didn't see too much of it on screen," fashion designer Cat, 24, tells TV WEEK.
"If Nick or the other girls want to believe that before getting to know me, that's their choice. But they're bat-sh*t crazy if they believe anything Cayla says, because she's on the loose end of the scale herself!"
Cat has no problems with stirring the pot on this season of The Bachelor.
It's no wonder some of the other girls in the mansion feel intimidated by Cat and her "tripod" besties, Romy and Alicia.
"That happens when you're the loudest personalities," Cat concedes. "But anything we said was never said maliciously. We just told the truth."
Cat, though, is less than impressed that Cass wasn't fully truthful about her relationship with Nick outside the house.
"Cass lied to every girl," Cat declares.
"She said she'd never dated Nick, but now it's all come out that they'd had a relationship. She wasn't honest, yet I'm still the bad guy? I don't get it."
Cat butted heads with Cayla, who Nick later sent home.
But Cat says she can handle whatever the show throws her way.
"You can't worry about what others think of you," she says. "There's no girl code in the mansion, so you've got to be yourself and do what's right for you. That's how I've played it."
Even if that means going in for an awkward kiss with Nick?
"I committed," Cat says.
"You never know when you're going to get another chance with Nick, so I had to go for it. I didn't want to end up friend-zoned like Shannon."
The Bachelor continues on Wednesday at 7:30pm on Network TEN.
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