The Bachelor in Paradise Australia 2019 FULL cast revealed

Which of our Bachie-verse all-stars will find love in Fiji?

By Karina Recchi
They've each been escorted from The Bachelor Australia or The Bachelorette Australia mansion by host Osher Günsberg and sent home in a limousine to lick their wounds.But now, rejects from both shows are giving love another shot on Bachelor On Paradise in Fiji. And the word on everyone's lips is: proposal.
After Sam popped the question to Tara in last year's inaugural season, the pressure is on for the contestants to find "The One".
And while most ladies rule out an engagement, all the bachelors – well, except for Richie and US star Alex – tell TV WEEK they're open to the idea of getting down on bended knee if they make it to the finale!
Will there be another proposal?
So who are the ladies the men have their eyes on?
"I'm hoping to see Shannon and if there's a connection there," James Trethewie, who won fans on Sophie Monk's season, spills.
"She seems really free-spirited and down-to-earth. It's crazy [that I'm doing this again], but the timing is right."
Meanwhile, Paddy Collier from Ali Oetjen's season says he thinks his "special someone" could be Brooke Blurton.
"I have a lot of respect for her opening up – she seems very genuine," he says, adding that his deal breakers are "big feet, girls taller than me and smokers".
As for Richie Strahan – who's set to come face-to-face with his ex-girlfriend Alex Nation following a highly publicised split in 2017 that ended with the single mum moving on with her AFL teammate Maegan – he says he's ready to give love a red-hot go.
"You need to be in it to win it," he says, explaining that his taste in women hasn't changed too much since starring on The Bachelor Australia in 2016.
"I've since added, 'Knows who they are and what they want' to my list," he says, seemingly taking a swipe at his ex.
The bachelors might have their work cut out for them, however, with the ladies setting their standards high.
"I'm here because the man in my season was a dud," says Cat Henesey, who appeared on Nick "The Honey Badger" Cummins' season. "I have my eye on Todd [King, from Ali Oetjen's season] – he seems hot and normal."
Rachael Gouvignon has her heart set on her former Bachelor Richie Strahan, saying, "I still like him. It would be nice to see him, as it felt we were a good match."
And, of course, there's only one person she hopes to not see in Fiji: "Alex Nation – she lied about me on The Bachelor."
Alex Nation, Richie Strahan and Rachael Gouvignon will all be reunited in Paradise.
It looks like this season of Bachelor In Paradise will be brimming with drama!
See below for the FULL list of singles who are CONFIRMED and looking for love... in Paradise.

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