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Reality check: Where are your favourite former Big Brother stars these days?

The OG housemates!
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When Australians think of reality television, Big Brother is often the first show to come to mind.

At its peak, BB was a phenomenon that had the whole nation hooked as we watched people from all walks of life live in a house together.

Sounds simple enough right? But what followed was season after season of squabbling, backstabbing, hookups and even cheating scandals.

Diehard Big Brother fans rejoiced in early March 2022 when it was announced a new season would see fresh faces competing against the much-loved contestants.

And now in 2023, a brand new twist is set to divide fans of the show as Big Brother rebrands itself to a ”house of love”, casting singles for the first time ever, with Big Brother playing the role of cupid.

In previous seasons, whilst the single (and controversially) non single housemates have shared intimate moments together, this new format is sure to get hearts raching in a brand new way.

Dave ‘Farmer Dave’ Graham

Farmer Dave appeared on our screens in the 2006 season of Big Brother, and was remembered mostly for coming out as gay in an emotional live episode on the season. This made Dave one of the first openly gay contestants on the show. Sixteen years later, not all that much seems to have changed. In his forties, Dave is still a farming man, now with a bristly beard to match. Following his stint on the show, Dave built a successful career as an international dog trainer, which allowed him to travel worldwide. Dave also has three daughters now, two that he shares with a lesbian couple, and one with a single friend.

Reggie Bird – Seasons 3 and 14

Arguably one of the most well-loved winners to come out of the series, Regina Bird won in 2003, capturing the heart of the nation with her down-to-earth nature. Reggie has had a tough life since winning the show, having been diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a condition that has left her legally blind. She has also suffered a stroke as a result of a heart condition. Regina also cares for her son, Lucas, who suffers from cystic fibrosis.

In a positive though, Reggie won the 2022 season, the only person to have ever won Big Brother across all global franchises twice. Go Reggie!

Tim Dormer – Seasons 10 and 14

Who could forget Tim?

The golden-haired winner of the 2013 season, Tim Dormer made his return to the Big Brother house in the 2022 season. It’s not his first time making a comeback, given he had a brief stint on Canada’s Big Brother series in 2016. These days, Tim works as a disability support worker and has taken a step back from the public eye.

Trevor Butler – Seasons 4 and 14

Trevor Butler won the series in 2004, and was the only contestant to ever win $1,000,000, instead of the usual $250,000 that had been given out in previous seasons. He is also remembered by Australians for proposing to his girlfriend, Breea Forrest, on stage after his win was announced. In a sweet little update, the pair are still together, and share two sons: Maika and Creedance.

(Image: Network Ten)

Sara Marie Fedele then

Sara Marie Fedele: Season 1

Best remembered for: That infamous bum dance and her bunny ears headband!

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Big Brother’s Sara-Marie Fedele chats to Rove McManus in 2001

(Image: Network Ten)

Sara Marie Fedele now


After coming in third on the inaugural season, Sara, now 43, spent a couple of years working in childcare and retail. In 2018, she appeared as a guest host on Studio 10 but has since retreated to Western Australia, where she reportedly works in the mining industry.

(Image: Channel Nine)

Skye Wheatley then

Skye Wheatley: Season 11

Best remembered for: Being a high-maintenance diva!

(Image: Instagram)

Skye Wheatley now


Skye has amassed a healthy Instagram following – 655k to be exact! In 2017, she began dating tradie Lochie Waugh, who she met on Tinder, and fell pregnant with their son Forest just eight months later. The pair welcomed their second child, a son named Bear, in April 2021. The 27-year-old keeps busy juggling mum life while hosting her own YouTube channel.

(Image: Network Ten)

Camilla Severi then

Camilla Severi: Season 6

Best remembered for: Sadly, being the victim of that infamously disgusting “turkey-slapping” incident. Poor thing.

(Image: Facebook)

Camilla Severi now


Camilla dropped out of the public eye following her stint in the BB house. The 37-year-old has since moved to Bali with her hubby Heston Harper and their two sons for a more balanced life.

(Image: Network Ten)

Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald then

Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald: Season 4

Best remembered for: Wearing the controversial “Massive Loser Squad” T-shirt. Fitzy’s mates admitted profits of the shirt went towards votes to keep him in the house!

(Image: Getty)

Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald now


The former AFL player, 43, has forged one of the most successful media careers of any former contestant. He currently hosts Nova’s breakfast show alongside Michael “Wippa” Wipfli.

Image: Network Ten

Chrissie Swan then

Chrissie Swan: Season 3

Best remembered for: Being the show’s biggest success story!

(Image: Instagram)

Chrissie Swan now


Chrissie won the Most Popular New Female Talent Logie – and was nominated for the Gold – during her time on The Circle. The mum-of-three has become a staple on Australian television and radio. The 48-year-old co-hosts Chrissie, Sam & Browny on Nova 100 with Sam Pang and Jonathan Brow.

In March 2022, Chrissie announced she would be filling in for Carrie Bickmore one night a week on The Project.

(Image: Network Ten)

Blair McDonough then

Blair McDonough: Season 1

Best remembered for: Our original housemate crush!

(Image: Instagram)

Blair McDonough now


Being pipped at the post by winner Ben Williams didn’t stop Blair from becoming a huge star. The hottie, 40, has acted in everything from Neighbours to Home And Away and Winners & Losers*. He’s also a family man – he and wife Kristi Townley have two kids together.

Image: Network Ten

Simon ‘Hot Dogs’ Deering then

Hot Dogs (aka Simon Deering): Season 5

Best remembered for: His nudie run in the house!

Image: Channel Seven

Simon ‘Hot Dogs’ Deering now


Upon Googling his name, the first search suggestion is “Hotdogs Big Brother dead”. Whaaat?! Thankfully, the larrikin is still alive and kicking. He currently works as a real estate agent in WA – although his streaking days are probably behind him.

WATCH: Hotdogs makes a cameo on House Rules. Story continues after video…

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Hotdogs from Big Brother My House Rules Cameo

(Image: Nine Network)

Drew, Tully then

Tully & Drew: season 10

Season 10’s Tully caused a lot of controversy with fellow housemate Drew.

The then-25-year-old social media strategist came into the house with a girlfriend (who she left on the outside), but when she left the house as the eight evictee, it certainly was no longer the case.

While in the house Tully fell for Drew resulting in one of Big Brother‘s most memorable cheating scandals.

(Image: Instagram)

Tully now


While Tully and Drew reunited on the outside after they were both evicted, their love didn’t last.

Tully’s social media experience led to a career as an influencer post-BB. She’s also a blogger, writer and has a podcast.

In December 2021, the 33-year-old went public with her boyfriend Daniel Parisi.

(Image: Instagram)

Drew now

Meanwhile, Drew used his dashing good looks to pursue a career in modelling, which has been widely successful.

The star was dragged back into the spotlight in a wild, and frankly, strange, public breakup with ex-Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise star, Leah Costa.

At one point it was believed the couple were engaged with Leah appearing on The Project wearing a ring on THAT finger. When they split, Leah took to Instagram tearfully explaining Drew had used her for her fame.

Drew countered by telling the *Daily Mail: “We were casually seeing each other and I made it unequivocally clear that I wanted to stay out of the media.”

“That must’ve translated to ‘pretend I’m engaged and give the public a life lesson about the media’ because then the engagement ring/appearance on The Project fiasco happened.”

Like we said, WILD.

(Image: Channel Nine)

Estelle Landy then

Estelle Landy: Season 9

Best remembered for: Her many emotional breakdowns!

(Image: Instagram)

Estelle Landy now


Rubbing shoulders with Justin Bieber! Yep, Estelle, 34, and the singer have become close friends. We’re so jeal!

According to her Instagram, Estelle is now a champion equestrian and show jumper.

(Image: Nine Network)

Cat and Lawson then

Cat & Lawson: season 11

Best remembered for: The only Big Brother couple more controversial than Tully and Drew were Cat and Lawson in season 11.

While Tully and Drew kept their feeling relatively covert, Cat and Lawson couldn’t keep their hands off one another! Lawson, had a girlfriend on the outside with whom he’d been dating for over four years.

(Image: Instagram)

Lawson and Cat now


If it’s any consolation, Lawson and Cat went on to date for five years following Big Brother, and only separated in 2019.

Lawson is still a magician, while Cat is still a midwife.

(Image: Nine Network)

Ben then

Benjamin Norris: season 9

Best remembered for: Ben and his in-house BFF Stacey Wren were beloved contestants, mostly thanks to hilarious and light-hearted antics on the show.

Ben went on to win the series and proposed to his boyfriend on stage during the finale. Cute!

(Image: Instagram)

Ben Now


Ben is a radio presenter on LGBT channel JOY 94.9 and has a very juicy podcast series with TV BlackBox, dishing up reality goss.

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