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Bachelor In Paradise's Davey Lloyd debuts gorgeous new girlfriend

Florence who?!

By Rebecca Sullivan
Bachelor In Paradise's Davey Lloyd has had multiple attempts at finding love on reality TV, but in the end the Bachelor alumni finally met his match the old fashioned way - in the real world.
The 29-year-old, who famously re-entered Paradise this year in an attempt to rekindle his connection with Florence Moerenhout, has instead revealed he's all loved-up with a brand new hottie he met IRL.
Following last night's BIP finale, Davey debuted his new girlfriend Georgia on Instagram, declaring he's "madly in love" and the "happiest" he's ever been.
"I AM FINALLY HAPPY!!" he wrote on Instagram, alongside a cute couple pic of his new lady.
"Through all the bullsh-- it will be us to the end. F--- THE HATERS. The only rumours you should believe is that I'm madly in love and bloody happy for once in my life and for that I thank you @_georgiaamy I LOVE YOU."
They're couple dressing already! (Image: @davey_lloyd)
But it appears some of Davey's followers questioned his timeline of events and accused the fan-favourite of going back on the show when he still had a girlfriend - Georgia - on the outside.
Fellow BIP contestant Steph Dixon claims she had heard about Georgia before Davey went on the show.
"I heard a couple of things [about Davey]," Steph told TV WEEK.
"I did grill him to the tenth degree in Paradise about her," she said, while also revealing she ultimately warned Florence that she didn't think Davey was "genuine."
Davey says he was single when we re-entered Paradise for a second time. (Image: Channel 10)
He was welcomed back with open arms by his fellow contestants. (Image: Channel 10)
Late on Thursday night, Davey took to his Instagram stories to clarify that he "did not have a girlfriend" both of the times he entered Paradise.
"I want to reiterate that I did not have a girlfriend going into Bachelor In Paradise," he said.
"When I came home I'd actually lived my life. I met Georgia, we were not dating or seeing each other at the time.
"I went back on there, gave it my all I guess I was a bit tainted by the whole thing because there's a lot of pressure. It's actually worked out well, I rekindled coming home with Georgia and it's been the best thing ever."
"There's going to be people out there that want to put you down and make rumours up and say stuff and at the end of the day I'm now the happiest I've ever been in my life and that's honestly all that matters so I'm going to let all these people talk shit and say what they want to say because at the end of the day I'm happy.
"I'm just not going to get involved in that bullsh--."
The couple made it Insta-offish. (Image: @_georgiaamy/Instagram)
(Image: @_georgiaamy/Instagram)
We know that Davey was left heartbroken by Flo last season, and speaking to Now To Love earlier this week, Davey revealed that Florence was a "big portion" of the reason he returned to Paradise.
"A lot of people have asked why we didn't see each other when we were off the show," he said.
"Timing was everything and it just so happened we were both single going back on there, but before then we both had been in and out of things."
"I felt like I had missed out so many times and I felt like 'why not give it one last crack' and see what happens."
But ultimately, things didn't work out between the couple.
WATCH BELOW: The moment Davey Lloyd returned to Paradise. Story continues after video.
So after four stints on the Bachelor franchise, will we be seeing any more of Davey on another reality dating show?
"Ummm... Look, I'm happy now," he told Now To Love - which to us is a resounding "no."

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