McLeod's Daughters star Bridie Carter spills on her blissful marriage and family life

Bridie Carter celebrates 15 years of marriage and living life the old-fashioned way.

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She's always radiated natural warmth and happiness.
And for Bridie Carter it all comes down to one clear-cut rule that she lives by.
Despite the demands of her acting career, the McLeod's Daughters and 800 Words star simply refuses to be apart from her family.
For Bridie, the home life she has built with her husband Michael is where her heart is.
"My family is the most important thing in my life. My job is a privilege, but my kids and husband definitely come first. I'm blessed I can do both," says the 48-year-old mother-of-three.
"I don't have long stints away for work, but that's the kind of mother I am. No judgement about anyone else, but I can't."
While Bridie is the first to admit her juggling act isn't always easy, there's one person by her side helping her keep all the balls in the air – her soulmate Michael.
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"My job is a privilege but my kids and husband definitely come first. I'm blessed I can do both," says Bridie. (Image: Channel Nine)
"I do it by doing the best I can and having the most wonderful, supportive husband in the world," she reveals to It's Your Day.
This year is a special time for Bridie. Not only has it been 10 years since McLeod's Daughters – the show that made her a household name – reached its end, but 2019 marks another anniversary for Bridie.
"15 years ago today I was privileged enough to marry the love of my life Michael Wilson –15 glorious years. Thank you!" Bridie announced in a touching Instagram post in April.
WATCH BELOW: The iconic moment Bridie's character ties the know on McLeod's Daughters. Story continues after video...
Stepping back in time to her wedding day, she also posted the front cover of the Woman's Day issue in which the couple shared details of their magical 2004 wedding. The actress beams at the camera – a beautiful bride.
But despite the gorgeous gown and fairytale location at a quiet country church in Brunswick Heads, NSW, things didn't quite go without a hitch.
A laughing Bridie recalls, "I was all ready to leave for the church when I suddenly got an unexpected call from Michael warning me, 'Look, you're going to have to be late. There's been a mix-up.'"

A simple life

Michael, a clothing designer, had been stranded without a car at their secluded farmhouse and needed rescuing at the last minute!
"Two of the groomsmen were meant to collect me from the farm, but they got out there, couldn't see my car and assumed I'd already left for town," Michael remembered of the drama.
"In all the commotion he left his wedding speech behind and had to make it up from scratch later at the reception," Bridie later revealed.
In fact, despite the ad-libbing Bridie was blown away by her husband's "beautiful" wedding speech.
"Michael said how proud he is of me," she says.
"How he respects me and absolutely loves me to death.
"Those words were just so special – they spoke straight to my heart … something I'll never forget."
Bridie and Michael have been happily married for 15 years! (Image: Getty)
As a couple they were "meant to be", Bridie reckons, revealing they first met in Byron Bay before falling in love over a dinner party one summer evening – and sharing a midnight kiss in a deserted lighthouse.
"We'd run into each other over the years, but nothing like this," Bridie recalls. "If I believed in coincidences I'd call it that but this was much more. It was meant to be. The timing was so right."
Now, the mum of sons Otis, 14, and Tobias, nine, and stepson James, 21, lives with her family on a lovely farm near Byron Bay.
"We live a really simple life," she says humbly and happily. "My children go to a school with 200 kids and we have cows and a dog. The beauty of bringing up your children in the country is that they are connected to the environment and daily living."
She's a country girl at heart! (Image: @bridiecarter1/ Instagram)
But over the years, the actress has weathered her fair share of personal ups and downs.
Heartbreakingly, her mother Kiffy Rubbo committed suicide when Bridie was just nine. Then later in life came a battle with alcohol, an addiction Bridie overcame more than 22 years ago.
On the professional front, Bridie's wealth of experience includes diverse parts in everything from Rescue Special Ops to It's A Date, as well as the 2010 comedy film I Love You Too.
More recently the role of newspaper editor Jan in Seven's family drama 800 Words – starring opposite Erik Thomson – catapulted her career to even greater heights
Bridie with 800 Words co-star Erik Thomson. (Image: Channel Seven)
Yet the doting mother only took the opportunity on the proviso her brood visited the set in New Zealand every chance they could.
"They go on the road with me," Bridie says. "When we were filming it was called 'holidays' and they all came over for 10 days."
But with her prime focus on family, is there any chance of Bridie being involved in any more big parts – a McLeod's Daughters remake maybe?
When Bridie reunited with her former co-stars last year, her love for the show and castmates was evident – she admitted they're like her second family.
"Of course I'd love to go back and do it," Bridie says about a possible remake. Even so, it's clear our country bumpkin remains grounded and has found joy in life without being immersed in the fame game.
"We're not people who are seduced by gold, glitter and razzle-dazzle. We're really old-fashioned in that way. I still believe in values such as respecting yourself and others – and laughter is the most important thing," Bridie concludes, smiling.
"It sounds really daggy but that's the truth of it."
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The McLeod's Daughters team were like a second family to Bridie. (Image: Channel Nine)

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