With the Spelling mansion a distant memory, Tori Spelling is house-hopping all over LA

Tori's rental crisis revealed.
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She grew up in a 123-room mansion in one of LA’s most prestigious neighbourhoods, but Tori Spelling is currently searching for her fifth rental property in a year as she struggles to find a place to call home – and her billionaire mum Candy is reportedly refusing to bail her out this time!

The reality star and her five kids had been living comfortably in a $23,000-a-month, fully furnished home in the west San Fernando Valley, but last week, discarded couches, pet carriers and piles of rubbish were seen strewn on the street out the front.

Tori grew up in luxury at her dad Aaron’s mansion, “The Manor”.

“It’s completely trashed,” the owner revealed, while a neighbour added that “the smell of urine is everywhere”.

A Hollywood insider adds, “Tori’s problem is she grew up surrounded by staff. She can glam over her home for a photoshoot and fake up things in the kitchen, convinced she’s some kind of domestic maternal goddess, but the truth is she really is struggling.

“She can’t stay on top of things – not many single parents of five can at the best of times – but it’s made even more difficult by the fact she needs help, even just a cleaner.”

Tori has been struggling with her finances for years.


Tori is known for owning a host of animals at any given time, including dogs, chickens, bearded dragons and a pig that her ex-husband Dean McDermott claimed even slept on their bed!

According to reports, the Beverly Hills, 90210 star and her children – Liam, 17, Stella, 15, Hattie, 12, Finn, 11 and Beau, seven – made a hasty exit from their latest rental in Woodland Hills on June 1.

And a Hollywood insider reveals it’s because Tori has simply taken on more than she can handle financially.

“Taking on that house was madness on her budget, but she had big dreams of her podcast leading to more opportunities and was hoping to have the right house for a reality show pitch,” the source says. “She was in way over her head.”

It was the fourth place that Tori, 51, and her kids have lived within the past year, with the family constantly on the move since she officially ended her tumultuous 18-year marriage to Dean.

The mum-of-five has also had her share of financial struggles in recent years and is currently in debt to the tune of $302,000 for an unpaid bank loan.

The motel was just a pit stop for Tori and the kids.

The house-hopping started back in July 2023, when Tori and the kids were forced to leave their long-term home due to a mould infestation.

In a sign of her money troubles, she booked the family into a $150-a-night roadside motel in LA, and, from there, it was onto temporary life in an RV at a campground in Ventura County.

But even when Tori found a nicer rental in Tarzana, LA, the housing dramas continued. Despite forking out $27,000 a month for the property, the family left a mere week later after a hostage situation unfolded in a home nearby.

In February, she found the lush Woodland Hills home and paid more than $11,000 in a security deposit, which one neighbour claims won’t cover all the damage.

“Tori felt that after the motel and the van, it was overdue that they have something nice, but the bottom line is she couldn’t afford it,” the insider adds.

“She’s looking for a new place and is staying at a friend’s Airbnb temporarily, but she’s running out of options. “Not too many landlords are willing to take such a risk.”

The family spent the summer of ’23 living in an RV.

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