Prince William gets petrol-bombed

Prince William gets petrol-bombed

Prince William and a riot policeman running from a petrol bomb.

Prince William has had petrol bombs hurled at him during secret training session.

The dramatic scenes were part of intensive riot training the Duke of Cambridge undertook to learn how to protect his family in the event of an attack.

The session took place last week at the Metropolitan Police’s new $70 million riot training facility in Gravesend, Kent, the UK’s Daily Telegraph reported.

William’s involvement was kept top secret until the daughter of one of the officers involved spilled the beans.

“My dad threw a petrol bomb at Prince William — what a claim to fame!” Victoria Hill wrote on social media.

The training was reportedly ordered by people high up in the royal household as William and Kate prepare to take on more royal duties.

Royal security staff are believed to be worried about a repeat of the riot which engulfed Prince Charles and Camilla’s limousine in London’s West End in 2010.

The car was kicked and splattered with paint and Camilla was jabbed in the ribs in what was one of the biggest breaches of royal security in recent years.

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