Cute! Princess Mary’s twins turn 3!

Denmark’s Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary’s twins are certainly growing up fast!

The pair have released some adorable pictures of their twins Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent after celebrating their third birthday on January 8.

The beautiful pictures shows Princess Josephine placing a kiss on her brother’s cheek. The twins also posed for individual shots which were equally as cute.

The tiny tots have certainly changed since they first entered the world in 2011. Take a look at the pictures and see how much the twins have grown here!

Princess Mary shares adorable photos of her twins.

Prince Vincent poses for his portrait.

Princess Josephine poses for her portrait.

The Danish royal twins at their christening.

Prince Frederik and Princess Mary with their twins at 7-month-old.

The pair pose with their twins in Sydney.

Princess Mary and her family wave from the balcony.

Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary with their sons.

Princess mary helps Prince Vincent find the fish.

What a difference a year makes: The twins with their grandparents.

Prince Christian and Princess Josephine at last year’s photo call.

Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary with the twins and Princess Isabella.

Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary and their family.

Princess Mary with her daughters.

Princess Mary and Prince Frederik pose for the press in Switzerland.

Princess Isabella takes her mum and sister Princess Josephine for a ride.

Princess Mary keeps little Princess Josephine warm.

Princess Mary and Princess Josephine pose for the press.

The royal danish children play together.

Prince Frederik pulls the twins along in their wagon.

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