Princess Mary's beauty secrets: make-up tips

Mary's favourite make-up artist Soren Hedegaard shares his tips for modern beauty. Soren Hedegaard has helped polish Princess Mary's appearance on many occasions. We asked him to share some of his tips and views on the latest trends.
What brand of make-up do you use?
I am using a simple and effective Danish make-up range called Tromborg Professional Makeup. The range has been developed by a colleague of mine, Marianne Tromborg. I particularly love her Pure Mineral Foundation. What are your lipstick tips?
Lipstick depends on the person's natural lip shape. If you have full lips, you can wear almost any colour or pigmentation. If you have thin lips and want to emphasise them, stay away from lip pencils as they can sometimes give your lips a hard edge. Instead, apply your lipstick using your index finger. The fingertip actually has the shape of a lipstick, so it will give you the perfect application as well as making your lip look stained, which will make them look fuller. After, you can apply gloss to make lips look luxurious. I prefer to use gloss for the evening. What eye make-up are you into right now?
I have gone away from the smoky eyes. I'm working a lot on lashes. I am very much into mascara now. I want to make lashes look big and full, and I am even using single lashes to extend the lashes. Less eyeshadow and more mascara, because lipstick is back in a big way ? coral is my favoured colour. If I use eyeshadow, it's a darker colour very close to the lashes and softer shades along the socket line. What about eyebrows?
Eyebrows frame the eyes. I can get a stomach ache from seeing someone with the wrong shape eyebrows! I use a gel to brush up brows, and cut away stray hairs. At the moment I'm into the Brooke Shields of the 1970s [look]. Make-up, like fashion, is like a wheel. It comes back. And blush?
I use it to give the cheeks a natural glow. A lot of women overdo blush, which can be ageing. The trick is to apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend upwards and away from the face. Who are your favourite faces?
There are many, but Princess Mary is beautiful. It's so nice that I have a connection with her, as I see all her natural beauty. You have to like the person you do the make-up on or you want to make them look like Morticia [in The Addams Family]! You must follow these tips with Mary?
You see, I'm not allowed to talk ... but can I say I love her? We will take that as a 'yes', Soren! Soren's make-up tips
  • Less is more ? start with a light make-up application and add more if you need it.
  • Always use make-up brushes ? however, use fingers to apply creams as they warm up the product, giving a translucent finish.
  • Don't overdo blush ? one of the most common mistakes.
  • Apply moisturiser every day ? make-up will go on evenly and smoothly.
  • Curl lashes before applying mascara for an instant lift.Mary watch
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