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Bachelorette 2018: Three jaw-dropping secrets from inside the mansion

Is Grant coming back for his third minute of fame?

By NW team
This season of The Bachelorette has started with a bang - but the drama on-screen is nothing compared to behind the scenes.
From Grant Kemp to a furious Ali, NW has all of the inside goss.
Ali Oetjen's season of The Bachelorette is full of behind the scenes drama! (Image: Network Ten)

Will Grant Kemp be a shock intruder?

In the most sensational twist ever, NW is told that Ali's Bachelor In Paradise ex, Grant Kemp was approached to appear on the series.
Yep, according to the on-set snitch, producers were worried about the fan backlash surrounding Ali's appointment as the Bachelorette, and decided to focus on making the series as explosive as possible.
"They asked if he was willing to fly back Down Under and film part of the show," says a source. "They knew that ep would rate through the roof – but he would've had to have taken the opportunity to patch things up with Ali."
According to a source, Grant Kemp was asked to be an intruder on this season. (Image: Network Ten)

Is Todd hungry for fame?

He's everyone's new Bachelor crush, and clearly one of 32-year-old Ali's firm favourites, but it turns out Todd King, 26 – a former Seven Prime news reporter from Perth – loves the spotlight!
"I've applied for a few dating shows, which I got pretty close to going on, but I look back now and I'm really glad I didn't – what would I have conversed about with those people?!" he tells NW, before admitting he got the call 
back for Geordie Shore when it filmed in the Gold Coast earlier this year.
"My ex-partner urged me to do it, because we're still really good friends. She knew I'd been a bit closed off, so she was like, 
Go on – put yourself out there.' She's a good girl."
We hope Ali's fine with that friendship, Toddy!
Is Todd King only on the show for fame? (Image: Network Ten)

Ali loses it! “Get out now!”

If the first week wasn't heated enough, Ali's decided this week she'll crack down on a bunch of Bachelors who've been whispering about her break-up with Bachelor In Paradise ex Grant Kemp.
"One of the boys snitches and tells Ali that there has been some gossiping about the cheating rumours surrounding her, and 
she flips!" a spy reveals. "She storms in, tells him to pack his 
bags and get out. She even cancelled the rose ceremony."
Boy, bye!
The Bachelorette airs 7.30pm Wednesdays and Thursdays on Ten
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