Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: Former MAFS star Sarah Roza calls out this year’s cast for being fake

And you’ll never guess which couple she thinks will break up next!

By Anita Lyons
If there's anyone who knows anything about the juggernaut that is Married at First Sight, it's Sarah Roza – one of the most popular stars from season five.
While Sarah's "marriage" to Telv Williams didn't work out, the popular reality star still has her finger on the pulse when it comes to knowing exactly what's going on with the show.
In fact, even with insider information, Sarah can see straight through this year's cast and can pick a "faker" from a mile away!
When Now to Love sat down with the 40-year-old, she revealed that all is not what it seems on the show.
Sarah Roza sat down on the blue couch to call out the "fake" MAFS 2019 participants! (Image: Now to Love)
"Do I believe that there are people out there who are 'fake' on this show? Yes, I do," Sarah told us.
"If you are in your twenties - what the hell are you doing getting married in your twenties?" Sarah questioned.
"Go enjoy yourself, have sex with as many people that you want, have relationships everywhere."
"I believe that people these days, maybe in their mid-thirties, that's when panic stations hit and you try to look for help."
Sarah with her former MAFS "husband", Telv Williams. (Image: Getty)
So what about the cast members who are older and showing they're "in it for the right reasons"? (Wink, wink Cam and Jules…).
"Like I said, there are a lot of fake people on this show," she said.
"Especially the people that the general public believe are really in love… just be very wary," the flame-haired stunner added and excuse us while we pick our jaw off the floor.
"Give it a couple of months after the show has finished..." she said touching her nose, "That's a hot tip, truly!"
Indeed, if anyone knows how fragile a MAFS marriage can be it's Sarah.
Last year, she and Telv were the Jules and Cam of their season and the nation pinned all of our collective hopes and dreams they'd have their happily ever after. But sadly the pair soon split after filming wrapped proving that not even "poster couples" can survive the reality TV love curse.
Will Cam and Jules make it for the long haul? (Source: Channel 9)
So, what does Sarah think differs about this season to the last?
"This year, I feel like it's lost the stakes of people looking for love," she explained. "It's all about the drama. It's not really about love anymore."
In fact, it's so much about the drama, Sarah thinks people will start judging a person's character based solely on the way they are portrayed on the show.
"People take the show on face value and these are real people because it's not a scripted show," she mused. "What is in that show, is what's in society. We all know b----es, we all know a---holes and we all know good people." "We all know lunatics and weirdos and virgins and boring people. We all know these types of people so it rings home to us, and we feel like we need to be a part of that with them."
So what is the Melbourne local's one piece of advice she has to the current cast?
"The sun will always rise the next day so no matter how bad it is, the next day is a chance to start over again!"
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