Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: I could have been Jules! How I accidentally barred Cam from MAFS

It's a case of the old sliding doors...

By Anita Lyons
DISCLAIMER: This story is 100% real with zero exaggeration and fanfare!
To say that my life revolves around this current season of Married at First Sight would be an understatement.
As the nominated office MAFS Queen (yes, this is currently my job title), I am privy to the ins and outs of Australia's most talked about and controversial reality show.
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So when I "Happned" upon a piece of the show in my personal life, you could say I was tres shocked, excited and little, well, freaked out.
The story goes like this.
My name is Anita and I accidentally barred the human unicorn that is Cameron Merchant from MAFS… three years ago.
I am a single 32-year-old looking for love and one night in 2016 I downloaded the Happn dating app.
Now, I've never been one for online dating, so within two days, I had deleted it.
Cam Merchant and Jules Robinson on Married at First Sight. (Source: Channel 9)
After discussing getting back on the dating app bandwagon with my work colleagues a few weeks I ago, I decided to download the same app again - only to realise I already had an active profile.
Staring back at me was my younger self - full of hope, super skinny and with a (in my humble opinion) hilarious bio – including a quip about loving gelato. (Remember this, it's important).
Going through the account, I realised that I had unopened messages from January 2016 - ones that I never saw come through - and what happened next, literally blew my mind.
My Happn profile from three years ago was still active... (Source: Supplied//Now to Love)
See that top unopened message from a dapper dude named Cam?
Yup, that's Cam. The Cam. Cameron Merchant… former cricketer, all-round good guy and one half of the love story that is Cam and Jules from this season of MAFS.
Is this real life?!
Of course I had to click on the message - because what's three years between friends, right?
Cam sent the cutest opener which I definitely would have responded to had I'd known it was there. (Source: Supplied/Now to Love)
He opened with the cutest initiation message I've seen in a while.
"Hey Anita, happy New Years to you. Gelatissimo just opened up near me ."
Gelatissimo...I mean, what a guy!
He used and remembered my name. Tick! He was cute. Tick! And he referenced something he saw in my bio. Tick! Tick! Tick!
AND before you all panic and yell - "active profile, active profile"! - Happn tells you when someone was last active, and he hasn't been seen on it for more than "a few months."
Remember mine was active for three whole years without use.
Story continues after photos...
Cam's Happn profile. (Source: Supplied/Now to Love)
But don't panic! He hasn't been active for "several months". (Source: Supplied/Now to Love)
Guys, I could have been Jules.
In fact, who knows, Cam and I could be Mr and Mrs Merchant, living a blissful life together in the north shore of Sydney with two kids, a white picket fence, a cricket set in the backyard and spend our anniversaries celebrating our love story at Gelatissimo up the road.
Cam and Anita sitting in a tree... (Source: Channel 9 / bad photoshopping by Now to Love)
But instead, Cam is one of the biggest names in the country, no doubt having found the actual love of his life and I'm sitting here all like, "Hi, I still like gelato…"
So Australia, I single-handedly made Cam and Jules happen… and you are welcome.
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