Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight: Nic and Elizabeth's secret romance revealed

Text messages reveal the pair's shock hook-up... and Cyrell's fuming!

She stood by and watched as her "husband" Sam cheated on her with Ines, but Woman's Day can reveal Elizabeth enjoyed a romance with another groom herself – Nic!
Sources tell us the unlikely pair dated in real life when they were both living in Newcastle, NSW.
"Nic and Lizzie actually matched on Tinder before they were cast on MAFS and started messaging each other," a source dishes.
"Nic was super-keen on her and asked her out on a date immediately."
The pair were apparently dating and "hooking up" for a while before the relationship eventually fizzled out and they stopped contact altogether. That is until their paths crossed again during the first MAFS dinner party, leaving them both absolutely "gobsmacked".
"They were shocked when they saw each other but introduced themselves and began chatting as if they were total strangers. Nic eventually addressed the elephant in the room and said, 'Oh my God, I've met you before, I know you from somewhere.'"
Lizzie and Nic were messaging each other on Tinder before they were cast on the show. (Images: Instagram @lizalizzieelizabeth/Channel Nine)

Friend of friends

The source says the pair tried to downplay their history, and told contestants they knew each other through mutual friends.
Despite there being no bad blood between the pair, things apparently turned sour when Lizzie, 27, heard that Nic, also 27, was blasting her behind her back to the boys and bragging about how he had dumped her after only one date because she was "a bigger girl than he had thought".
No doubt the news of Lizzie and Nic's secret romance would come as a major blow to Cyrell, 29, who is best friends with Lizzie.
Cyrell thought it was strange that Lizzie refused to double-date. (Image: Instagram @lizalizzieelizabeth)
"Cyrell would absolutely lose it if she found out that Lizzie had not only dated Nic but had lied to her considering how strongly she's defended her on the show," a source says.
"Cyrell kept asking Lizzie to double date, but Lizzie kept making up excuses why she and Sam couldn't. But the real reason was she was trying to avoid an awkward situation with Nic."
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Nic and Lizzie aren't the only MAFS contestants who have a romantic past. New bride Tamara matched with Michael on Tinder and they were hooking up for a number of months before the show began.
But the MAFS six degrees of separation doesn't end there! We're also told Ines dated newbie Dan's best friend, Michael dated Martha's bridesmaid, and Dino worked with Jessika and Bronson before the show, too. Talk about a small world!

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