Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: Married at First Sight's Cyrell reveals the reason why she and Nic fight so much

Her explanation is SO relatable.

By Anita Lyons
It's a given. If you marry a stranger, you're bound to have a few arguments here and there.
But when you're Married at First Sight's Cyrell Jimenez and Nic Jovanovic the arguments have been coming in thick and fast.
While the pair do seem to get a long for the most part, there have already been some major blow-ups – including Cyrell leaving their "home."
Now in an exclusive chat with Now to Love, Cyrell comes clean about what is really going on behind the scenes and according to her, it has everything to do with Nic's behaviour off-camera.
Nic and Cyrell on the set of MAFS. They certainly have a colourful relationship! (Source: Channel 9)
"You end up finding out the truth as to what people's intentions are," Cyrell told Now to Love.
"You don't know how many people have contacted me letting me know that Nic was in it just for the fame."
In fact, according to the 29-year-old, "there was trouble right from the start."
"He made several comments like 'why aren't we getting papped yet?' 'Are we boring? 'We're not getting any air time' and 'how many followers do you think we'll get after this,'" she said.
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Cyrell revealed that these conversations were what led to their arguing from the get-go.
"So it was a thing like that, that made me realise and that's why I fight with him so much, but it never got aired," she said.
"I was calling him out – but they've [production] selected certain bits of the arguments, because obviously it's not just one thing."
Despite their differences, it looks like Nic and Cyrell are very much a solid pair! (Source: Instagram)
On Monday's episode, we saw Cyrell leave the love nest for an entire night after her husband failed to support her – and actually, the reason she left, is certainly relatable!
"I think a lot of females have gone through that," she said.
"I think we all get to that point that we've given our heart that much that the next male that comes along, no matter how genuine he may be or what not, you just don't have that trust anymore."
"You just get to that stage where we would rather push someone away then give them a chance, if it can mean avoiding ourselves getting hurt again."
During the first dinner party, the pair had a very public blow-up. *(Source: Channel 9)
"And I do do that to Nic. You have to understand, during the experiment, I just met him then and I am going from his actions and the things he was saying – and let's be honest, we've just moved in together and the last thing I want to hear is my husband turning around and saying: 'If you want to go. Leave now.'"
It seems the couple have certainly worked out their differences and are laughing again!
In fact, have you checked out their socials lately? They've been all smiles and selfies - including a very loved up trip to St Kilda fest over the weekend.
"The couple that can't take a selfie," Cyrell captioned the pic. (Source: Instagram)

Please, please, please still be together! <3
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