Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight: Was Nic and Ivan's fight the most awkward confrontation EVER?

The cringeworthy moment viewers can't stop talking about...

By Tina Burke
Married life is off to a flying – if not somewhat uncomfortable – start for newlyweds Nic and Cyrell on Married At First Sight.
Nic, 28, and Cyrell, 29, were paired up in the premiere episode on Monday night, with the show's love experts saying they were well-suited due to their positive outlooks on life and their strong family values.
Cyrell and Nic were paired by the love experts on MAFS (Image: Nine Network).
Despite seeming like a good match for one another, there was one major obstacle that threatened to ruin their wedding day: Cyrell's wildly protective older brother Ivan.
With one previously failed engagement and a few too many bad relationships under her belt, Ivan is very protective of his little sister Cyrell. And he wasted no time letting Nic know.
Despite claims he would do something to "ruin" the wedding, the ceremony itself went off without a hitch (or too many peeps from Ivan). The new husband and wife even shared a sweet first kiss.
Cyrell and Nic share their first kiss (Image: Nine Network).
However, Ivan later approached Nic at the wedding reception and asked him to have a chat outside.
We've sat through some cringe-worthy commitment ceremonies, and downright uncomfortable dinner parties during our time as MAFS viewers, but tonight's confrontation between Ivan and Nic has to take out the top prize for the show's most awkward moment of all time.
"Let's cut the bulls--t," Ivan abruptly said to Nic as they began chatting. "What are you after?"
When Nic answered that he wants to settle down with a nice girl, an unsatisfied Ivan continued his tirade.
"I've been through hell and back for her, and nothing has changed now," Ivan said. "Why should I give you a chance? You're going to earn your respect. I'm not going to give you respect with this smiling face of yours. You don't earn that within an hour or two.
"I've seen my sister broken-hearted too many times," he continued, before asking "Have you been broken-hearted in your life?"
Ivan's protective nature caused some friction with Cyrell's new husband, Nic (Image: Nine Network).
When Nic revealed he hadn't been broken-hearted because he'd never been in love, Ivan questioned why he hadn't been in a serious relationship. Nic simply said that he hadn't settled down because he had been sick, but Ivan wasn't accepting that.
"Sick?! So every time you get a flu you're gonna say 'you know what Cyrell, I'm sick, I've gotta go my way now.' So what is your sickness, for you not to settle down? That's not a good enough excuse if you ask me," Ivan said to an increasingly uncomfortable Nic.
"Look, I…" Nic stumbled. "Four years ago I had cancer. I had a form of testicle cancer that developed in my stomach. I went through chemo, I had surgery, I went through a lot and I wasn't ready to open up. I wasn't ready to settle down and do that. It wasn't just the flu or a little f---ing cold. That's why I haven't been ready, I wanted to find myself."
You could practically see the protective older brother shrink back when Nic revealed why his "sickness," as Ivan called it, had prevented him from settling down.
Backtracking, Ivan returned to the ceremony and told Cyrell "The only thing I want you to do, is give him a chance. He looks like a genuine bloke."
Who knows, Ivan and Nic may and up becoming the best of friends as in-laws, only time will tell! But, for now, we're basking in the awkwardness of that cringey confrontation. Bring on the rest of the weddings!
Married At First Sight airs Monday to Thursday, and Sunday, 7:30pm, on Nine Network.

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