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Married At First Sight: Nic’s emotional cancer reveal leaves Cyrell in tears

The newlyweds are closer than ever after their honeymoon…

By Tina Burke
It was the moment that brought Married At First Sight viewers, and this writer, to tears, when Nic told his new bride Cyrell about his battle with cancer.
It's been a long time coming for Nic, who first shared the news with Cyrell's brother Ivan during a heated encounter at their wedding.
In tonight's episode of MAFS we picked up with our married couples heading off on their romantic honeymoons. Nic and Cyrell took a trip to New Zealand, where the bride was excited to see snow for the very first time.
"We've really been connecting but I'm waiting to find the right moment to tell her about what I went through," Nic told the cameras after another fun-filled day on the slopes.
Nic and Cyrell are loving their snow-bound honeymoon (Image: Nine Network).
"I know I have to tell Cyrell about my cancer but it's not something you just take lightly. We've got so much we have to learn about each other first before I'm just going to throw that on her," Nic said.
"Opening up about the cancer is one thing, that's massive, it's pretty daunting. But there's a lot more to tell, there's some pretty heavy side effects from the treatment. She's gonna be in shock. It might turn her off, I don't know."
Towards the end of the honeymoon, Nic set up a surprise romantic evening for Cyrell. There, he took the time to tell her his personal story of his battle with testicular cancer.
"Four years ago I finished a game of soccer and I was laying in bed and I had a really sore tummy, so I rang up my doctor," Nic nervously said. "Two weeks went by with all my scans and blood tests and all that, and finally the surgeon called me up and said 'Can we make an appointment and bring your parents along?'
"And yeah… I found out that at 24 I had cancer. It was just a real s--t time in my life."
A tearful Cyrell told him "I wasn't expecting that, and I'm so sorry."
But Nic wasn't done.
He made the brave choice to open up about a difficult side effect of the treatment, which he was worried would make Cyrell lose interest.
"There's more," he continued. "I finally finished chemo, cancer free and it was such a good feeling, but there were a few side effects from the surgery. This is pretty full on. It's a bit weird. When I had the surgery they severed a nerve."
As Nic then revealed, a consequence of the life-saving surgery is that he can no longer have children without IVF. When a shocked Cyrell asked what the chances are of Nic having a baby, he revealed it's still possible.
"I can still have a baby, but it's gotta be through IVF. It's just something I've had to deal with... something I've got to deal with."
Nic was nervous about opening up to his bride Cyrell, though she was super supportive (Image: Nine Network).
Though it may be uncomfortable to talk about starting a family so early in the relationship, Cyrell was sure to let Nic know that everything was okay between them.
"It's such an early stage to be talking about kids but I need you to know I do want kids one day, especially coming from a big family," Cyrell told her husband.
"Me too, don't worry," Nic replied.
"But it doesn't mean I don't like you any more, I really do, and if we get to that stage where I find myself head over heels in love with you, we will find a way," Cyrell said. "Whatever comes our way we'll figure it out. Honestly."
Nic and Cyrell are closer than ever (Image: Nine Network).
It seems the MAFS love experts have found more than one perfect match this season! We are certainly rooting for Nic and Cyrell.
Married At First Sight airs Monday to Thursday, and Sunday, 7:30pm, on Nine Network.

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