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MAFS' most EXPLOSIVE commitment ceremony yet: All the insane moments

Tears, tantrums and harsh words were thrown...and that was just by John Aiken!

By Anita Lyons
When Sam Ball and Ines Basic left the Married at First Sight experiment last Sunday, we seriously thought to ourselves, "Well, there goes the drama for this season".
But we couldn't be more wrong based on what just happened.
In the most explosive commitment ceremony yet, there were tears, tantrums and harsh words spoken – and that was just by expert John Aiken.
Couples broke up, others were left shaken and some of the strongest were rocked to their core.
Here are the top four most EXPLOSIVE moments from Sunday's commitment ceremony plus a few extra honourable mentions!

Cyrell and Nic

It has been quite the journey for Nic Jovanovic and Cyrell Jimenez Paule.
The couple have been through more ups and downs and twists and turns than any other couple this season including a physical altercation between Cyrell and Martha Kalifatidis.
And now, everything has finally come to a head as the couple sat down in front of the experts.
During an emotional breakdown, Cyrell confronted her own demons by admitting to the fact that her behaviour was unacceptable during the fight with Martha and apologised.
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"I turned into a monster that I've hidden for several years," she said. "I was very angry."
"And to the extent that, I'll just say it - I attacked Martha. I was aggressive toward her, I was aggressive to her partner and then I was very aggressive to my husband.
Cyrell then went on to apologise to Martha, Michael and "especially" Nic for how she reacted.
"My husband, I know in my heart, is considering to leave me. I am so sorry," she said. "I didn't just hurt him, I've been hurting myself. I didn't realise how petrified I was of being in love. I really did not think it was to that extent."
Nic indeed did choose to "leave", however since Cyrell chose to "stay", they couple are forced to stay for one more week.
"I'm going to fight for you, Nic," Cyrell told her husband.
Cyrell is going to fight for her husband. (Source: Channel 9)

Susie and Billy + John Aiken

New bride Susie Bradley has certainly come into the experiment all guns a-blazin'!
And for her poor husband, Billy Vincent, she's giving him a run for his money.
During Sunday's commitment ceremony, Susie holds nothing back and continues to bash poor Billy's ego down into the ground.
When it was Billy's turn to speak, he told the group about the awful things she says to him and how "hurtful" it is - and her response, was, well, this: "You should have used your big boy words and spoken to me." Harsh.
Susie hasn't been the best wife thus far! (Source: Channel 9)
Here's what Billy told experts were some of Susie's verbal attacks on him.
"She's told me that she goes for bigger guys, that I'm too small. That I have 'no balls', I'm strange and I'm not a man, man up!'" Billy told the experts.
Luckily expert John Aiken was on hand to rake Susie over the coals for her behaviour.
"Susie, I'm going to jump in here because I can't just sit here anymore and hear the way you talk," he said. "It's doing my head in. It is toxic, OK?" And big claps to John!
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Mick and Jessika

This week, Jessika Power sure stirred the MAFS pot with a rumour that she had touched Nic on the leg at the last dinner party and then told him that she had feelings for him.
So when Jess and her farmer husband Mick Gould took to the couch, we knew we were in for some D.R.A.M.A!
In fact, if it wasn't for Jessika's flirty behaviour, the whole kerfuffle between Martha and Cyrell may not have even happened.
Jessika started the conversation off by explaining that after her comments last week during the Commitment Ceremony, Mick felt that people thought he was a "sexual predator".
What's that couch body language between Jess and Mick really saying?
"I'd sort of struggled this week with, ah, the comments she'd made last week and heaven forbid you find your bloody missus attractive!"
As a result of this, Mick decided to shut Jessika out because he'd been utterly miserable.
While Mick firstly defended his wife over the rumours, he did follow up with this: "There's always one common denominator… Jess.
"For someone who hates drama, she's always front and centre of every contest. All the time.
"Like even last night, do you got something you want to say to Dan and Tamara? [Sic]"
John was not happy with Jess. (Source: Channel 9)
During the dinner party, Jessika told several people how "hot" Dan was and understandably Mick was not happy.
"How do you think that makes me feel? I haven't looked at any other woman, any other way. Ya know, I'm not looking anywhere else," and then pointing at his wife: "I've got this bloody thing here!"
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Jess told the group that Mick wasn't assertive enough and that he only aired his issues during the commitment ceremonies.
"I don't know how to help our relationship or help it grow, you don't talk to me. You've shut me out!" she said.
Ultimately, Mick says: "I don't deserve this and now I'm on the complete other end...I deserve better!" and thus decides to "leave".
Mick chose to "leave"! (Source: Channel 9)
Unfortunately for him, Jess decided to stay – so it's hometown visits for the most mismatched couple in MAFS history.

Dino's poem for Melissa

Melissa Lucarelli and Dino Hira's relationship went from OK to downright awful after Dino recorded his wife having a very private conversation with her sister.
After Melissa yelled at her husband: "I'm sorry Dino but you're acting like I slept with your sister and killed your dog," she decided to leave.
Dino, also knowing that the end was nigh, decided to leave the experiment also, but not without this:
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"I hope he'll treat you the way you want to be treated because you are a woman that will never be defeated.
Keep on, keepin' on, Dino!

Honourable Mentions

Mike's comment about Heidi
Mike Gunner has a way with words, even when complimenting his gorgeous wife, Heidi Latcham. And tonight, the 44-year-old said:
"I don't have to walk on eggshells and I don't have to have the kid gloves when I speak to her," and umm… was this a compliment?
Dan and Tamara's first commitment ceremony
New couple Dan Webb and Tamara Joy were the first couple up during the commitment ceremony and within 2.3 seconds, Dan had already told the entire group that they had been
"It's a tricky situation. Her personality is second to none – but at the moment I'm worried she'll become a bit more of a friend than my wife. That's where I'm at."
What a time!

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