Love Island

Love Island's Kim reveals all about her plastic surgery: "I've had two boob jobs"

The Love Island intruder opens up about changes she's made to her body.

By NW team
Love Island hottie Kim has the words "imperfection is beauty" tattooed across her forearm, but that seems to be the opposite of reality for the single mum.
Within minutes of meeting NW, the intruder tells us, "I've had two boob jobs and I have filler and injectables done to my face all the time. I get my cheeks done, [and] lips and Botox a couple of times a year too."
Single mum Kim is a hot favourite on Love Island.
Kim with her son, Braxton.
Although it may seem that looks are the most important thing in Kim's life, it's actually her son Braxton who takes priority.
"It's going to be really hard to leave him behind," Kim says.
"For the first week I think it'll be amazing – I'll only have to get one person ready each morning, but then once the second week rolls on, if I'm still there, I'll be missing him too much."

Her decision to ditch Braxton, two, isn't in vain, though, as the reality star is hoping to come back with both a tan... and a step dad!
"Obviously if that happens with the right guy I'd love it, but I'm trying not to get my expectations up too high."
Good luck!
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