Harder, better, faster, STRONGER! The best-kept celebrity workout secrets REVEALED

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When it comes to taking care of your health and making your weightloss goals come true, sometimes, all it takes is a little fit-spiration to get the ball rolling (well, aside from buying a pair of the latest pretty-patterned lululemon running tights, that is…).

So, if you’ve racked your brain over how to lose five kilos in two weeks or found yourself to be as excited about exercise as you are about paying your monthly phone bill (ugh!), let these celebrity-approved workouts steer you on the path to becoming your healthiest, happiest self yet.

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Rebecca Judd

Workout secret: Spin (and only four minutes of it!)

Mum-of-four Rebecca Judd may be one busy moder-turned-presenter, but that won’t stop her from getting her workout fix… even if she does it for less than five minutes a time.

“I’ll do Pilates once or twice a week at home (we have a reformer), a HIIT 4 minute Tabata work out on my spin bike (yes, only 4 minutes – how lazy is that?!), or I’ll run once a week,” she explains in an interview with The Grace Tales.

“My run is more akin to the slowest jog you’ve ever seen and I get very bored so I’ll usually only run two kms (tops!). Oh well, at least I make an effort (sort of).”

Duchess Catherine

Duchess Catherine gives Prince William a run for his money in the fitness stakes!

Workout secret: Planking

This ever-active Royal has a lengthy track record of keeping her health and fitness in check.

And now, even with two adorable children in tow and a busy Royal duty-filled schedule, Duchess Catherine is as fit as ever.

As previously reported by Woman’s Day, Pilates, skiing and even CrossFit contribute to the Duchess’ fit physique.

However, it is the humble plank that really holds the key to Duchess Catherine’s strong frame.

She holds the position for at least 45 seconds at a time to tighten and tone her muscles, and keep her in tip-top shape.

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Adele, showing us what a workout may feel like after a big weekend…

Workout secret: Body weight training

We don’t know what we love more: Adele‘s hilariously honest approach to everything in life or her totally doable workout routine (really, this is a tough one!).

“The most reliable type of exercise, for me, would be bodyweight training,” she explains.

“You do not need to go to the gym to do it, no equipment required and your body weight provides more than enough resistance to get in a great workout. It leaves no room for any excuses not to train,” her trainer says.

“A challenging circuit of body squats, lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, dips, chin-ups and plank work will stress every body part and give you a great overall workout.”

Pippa Middleton

Pippa’s buff biceps caught a lot of attention following her wedding day!

Workout secret: a three-month body blitz

Just like her big sister, Pippa Middleton is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle – and that includes committing to at least three workouts a week.

Ahead of her wedding day back in May, Pippa, whose toned arms have replaced her bottom in terms of best asset, apparently joined up to a three-month “Bridal Membership” service at London’s elite Grace Belgravia health club.

As reported by E: “Pippa has met with her [personal trainer] about five times a week and mostly sticks to cardio and Pilates.”

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Jessica Alba

Jessica mixes up her training, but says that Hot Power Flow Yoga is her “jam”.

Workout secret: Yoga

Along with not depriving herself of what she wants to eat (junk food, included), the now-pregnant-with-her-third-child Jessica Alba is all about getting her Zen on.

Hot Power Flow Yoga, which is like boot camp mixed with hot yoga. It’s my new jam!” she explains.

Hilary Swank

Workout secret: Weights

With a toned body like this, we want what this Million Dollar Baby is having!

Hilary Swank is best known for her Academy Award-winning role as tough-girl boxer Maggie Fitzgerald where she gained 8kg of muscle to portray the part, training five hours each day, six times a week.

While she doesn’t have time to train that hard or often, Hilary is all about keeping fighting fit by lifting weights in the gym.

Exhibit A and B…

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