Rebecca Judd regrets daughter’s name

The WAG is one of a growing number of parents suffering “baby name regret”.

She’s just announced she’s expecting twin boys, taking her total number of sons to three – so it’s perhaps not surprising that Rebecca Judd has some regrets about her daughter Billie’s less than girly name.
“Wish we called Billie a proper girl's name now,” the WAG, model and mum joked on Instagram.
Rebecca isn’t the only mum to suffer from “baby name regret”. It’s something that afflicts a growing number of parents, even leading some to officially change their children’s names, something which (ironically) many go on to regret.
“I regretted both of my children's names after birth,” one mum wrote on baby name site Nameberry. “I changed my daughter's name from Millie to Sophia. I wish I didn't. I didn't change my son's, though, and I'm happy. As he's gotten [sic] older he just seems to fit.”
Another mum on the same forum agreed, writing: “I sometimes have name regret, also with my third. We named him Declan, which I knew wasn't very common in our area ... but I also didn't anticipate how many strange looks and mispronunciations we would get either!
“I love the name and know that if I changed to something else that I didn't have my heart set on that I would experience the same regret.”

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