Why Pippa Middleton swapped her bum for her biceps on her wedding day

She's the master of deflection and now Pippa's gun show is all anyone can talk about!

By Bella Brennan
Choosing a wedding dress was never going to be an easy task for Pippa Middleton in light of her world famous derriere stealing the spotlight at Prince William and Duchess Catherine's 2011 wedding.
Dubbed Her Royal Hotness thanks to that figure-hugging bridesmaid dress by Alexander McQueen, which showcased her insane body and perfectly pert backside, Pippa (and her bottom) became an overnight sensation.
"It's a bit startling to achieve global recognition before the age of 30, on account of your sister, brother in law and your bottom," she laughed at the time.
Six years later, and the world is still fascinated by The Duchess of Camrbidge's little sister.
And while picking a bridal gown is stressful for anyone, poor Pippa had a lot to live up to and one stunning bum to tuck away.
Enter her new secret weapons - her ridiculously toned biceps and an expertly designed gown by Giles Deacon which ensured that backside didn't steal the show.
Clearly bridal boot camp has paid off as the 33-year-old's sculpted arms were enough to rival Queen of the Guns - Michelle Obama's.
Pippa's lace bridal dress featured a capped sleeve to draw attention to her svelte upper body and a cinched in waist, which then cascaded out into a full skirt - no booty to see here!
Pippa and her backside became an overnight sensation following her big sister's 2011 wedding day.
What bum? The 33-year-old made sure her headline-making derriere was kept hidden under her dress.
Ahead of her big day, the author reportedly joined up to a three-month "Bridal Membership" service at London's elite Grace Belgravia health club.
"Pippa has met with her [personal trainer] about five times a week and mostly sticks to cardio and pilates," a source explained to E! News.
"She feels amazing. Her diet is the healthiest ever — she hasn't even had a glass of wine in months. She's had facial treatments sometimes once a week or once a fortnight."
The capped sleeves of her bridal gown perfectly showcased her toned arms.
In the lead up to her wedding, the author stuck to a strict fitness routine.
Pippa herself, who has run more marathons than we can count on two hands, has admitted to being a fitness fanatic.
"I know that if I fit in at least three, ideally five, sessions of exercise a week – be it a 30-minute run, an hour's walk or a good game of tennis – it boosts my mood and energy and helps me sleep and digest better," she's previously said.
"So I make it a priority, whatever the weather and whatever my work schedule."
Bravo Pippa, you managed to get the entire world to look up instead of down and for that, we salute you! Now, can someone please teach us how to do a chin-up?