How to lose 5 kilos in 2 weeks

New year, new fitness and weightloss goals! If you've ever racked your brain over how to lose weight in 2 weeks fast, read on...

Another year, another January spent scrolling through other people's inspiring before-and-after weight loss success stories - noting that none of them are your own - while tossing up whether the ketogenic diet is bogus or not (disclaimer: it is).

Whether you're looking to tone up or are wanting to drop a post-holiday kilogram or two, a combination of healthy eating and exercise can put you on the right track to your ideal weight goal.

But before you start thinking about stocking up on protein shakes and thinking about the best post workout meals to add to your weekly grocery list, it's important to start your weightloss journey at a slow and steady pace.

Because, when it comes to losing weight, just like everything in life, we need to a little bit of inspiration to achieve our goals. Luckily, Emilia Clarke's trainer James Duigan has come on board to shares his top tips for staying on the fast track to lose 5kg in 2 weeks.

Just sure you follow the rules, eat two snacks from the snack list per day and stick to the portion sizes.

Lose 5 kilos in two weeks tips

You could lose 1-2kg a week (up to 5kg for heavier women), depending on your starting weight. The total daily kJ count is 5500-7000kJ. This compares to the average of 8000-9000kJ for a 70kg Australian woman.

  • Eat lots of green vegetables or a fibre supplement. Fibre helps reduce "bat wings" and "bingo arms" by eliminating toxins

  • Limit alcohol to four standard drinks a week. A 400kJ glass of wine replaces one snack

  • Your body converts wheat to sugar faster than any other grain. So try and avoid bread and pasta, if you can

  • One coffee per day is allowed. After that, drink green tea

  • Studies show that low-fat yoghurts, for instance, are loaded with sugar and sodium to make up for the blandness of having no fat. So, eat real butter, yoghurt and milk and cheese. Keep the doses small, though

Snack list

Each day choose from any two of the following:

  • 1 apple and 1 matchbox-sized serve full-fat cheese (700kJ)

  • Vegetable sticks and ¼ cup hummus (600kJ)

  • 1 piece of fruit and a handful of nuts (400kJ)

  • 100g natural yoghurt with berries, cinnamon and almonds (400kJ)

  • 1 small latte (400kJ)

  • 2 Corn Thins with 1 teaspoon no added sugar peanut butter (400kJ)

  • Make a yoghurt paddle pop (with fruit and nuts) (450kJ)

  • Frozen grapes and bananas (480kj)

  • Fruit smoothie with added fibre or bran (400kJ)

  • 4 squares of dark chocolate (400kJ)

  • Green smoothie (blend up celery, cucumber, lime, ginger, mint) (negligible)

  • 1 serve of rice or pasta = a fist

  • 1 piece of meat, fish or chicken = the size and width of a deck of cards

  • 1 serve of cheese = one slice, or 4 small cubes that could fit in a matchbox

  • 1 serve of butter = your fingertip

DISCLAIMER: Please do not embark on a vigorous exercise program without speaking to your doctor first. This advice is general only and does not replace the advice of your doctor or exercise physiologist.

This story was originally published in Woman's Day magazine in January 2012.

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