My Kitchen Rules Annie & Jason: Look at our ‘Baby Cheese’ now!

After everyone’s favourite reality TV cheesemakers, Annie and Jason welcomed their beautiful baby boy Theodore Geoffrey Chesworth in March, the parents couldn’t be more excited to reveal their son’s successful cleft lip operation.
MKR Annie, Jason and son, Teddy

Chatting to Woman’s Day the former MKR contestants revealed how much their seven-month-old has changed since he underwent surgery to repair a cleft palate.

“He snores all the time and we think it’s very cute,” says first-time dad Jason, 28.

“He never used to snore or stick his tongue out before his operation, but now there is plenty of both.”

Arriving on March 5th, Teddy was born with
 a cleft palate, something the couple discovered after Annie spotted an anomaly at the 20-week scan.

Always smiling! Teddy still has his sweet grin [Picture right: Before the operation when he was 3-month-old].

Mr and Mrs Cheese were quick to adapt to their son’s needs, revealing in this week’s issue of Woman’s Day the struggle Teddy went through due to the medical condition.

Annie needed to physically express milk for Teddy eight times everyday day because he didn’t have the suction to breastfeed.

“It’s been very time consuming but I’m really proud of the job I’ve done,” admits the 26-year-old mum.

Since Teddy’s surgery, the first-time parents couldn’t be happier for their giggling boy.

Read Annie and Jason’s inspiring story and checkout their beautiful new family photos in this week’s issue of Woman’s Day, on stands now!

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