Risky romance! Doctor Doctor’s Hugh meets his match when a newcomer arrives

Will newcomer Tara land Hugh in big trouble?
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New year, new Hugh? Well, not exactly.

Twelve months have passed since we last saw Hugh cradling his newborn daughter, Eliza.

She’s had all the care in the world and Hugh has, miraculously, stayed out of trouble.

At the same time, Hugh has split amicably from Penny (Hayley McElhinney) and the steady redhead is now dating mine manager Jarrod (Dustin Clare).

Life is peaceful.

But as the family prepares for Eliza’s first birthday in the series return of Doctor Doctor, Hugh feels an itch.

The celebrations of Eliza’s first birthday is underway!

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It’s likely because a wealthy healthcare group is about to sign off on the Knight-Cartwright Cardiac Clinic – a deal that has been a huge effort for both Hugh and Penny.

However, it’s also due to a new addition to the clinic’s staff.

Dr Tara Khourdair (Kate Jenkinson) is a mirror image of Hugh: reckless, irresponsible and serving probation in Whyhope for recreational drug use.

It’s all too familiar territory for the wayward doc.

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New doctor Tara is just like Hugh which is bound to be a bad thing.

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“It’s all Tara’s fault,” Rodger, 46, tells TV WEEK with a laugh. “But they’re very similar – and the worst kind of people to be around one another. They go off the rails, in different ways.”

Hugh isn’t the only one grappling with his past.

Matt (Ryan Johnson) is living blissfully with April (Miranda Tapsell) until his ex-wife, Charlie (Nicole da Silva) returns to town.

She claims to be seeking inspiration for her new book, but is her real agenda to win Matt’s heart?

April certainly thinks so!

Rodger Corser reveals that both Hugh and Tara are very similar.

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“Charlie disrupts their bliss, so he becomes conflicted,” Ryan, 41, explains.

“He had managed to grieve their relationship and settle in with someone knew who ticks all the boxes – wants kids, invests in the farm and the brewery. Even Charlie notices something is different about him.”

Meryl (Tina Bursill) can’t help but meddle and invites Charlie to stay at the homestead… because some things never change.

On the day of Eliza’s birthday, tension mounts as they all gather at the brewery to celebrate.

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To Hugh’s surprise (and annoyance!), Jarrod takes the opportunity to propose to Penny in front of everyone!

“He’s a great character to stir up trouble for Hugh,” Rodger says.

“It’s not a boyfriend for just one week or two – its more than that.”

Soon enough, Hugh is back to his old ways, with Tara in tow.

Drugs, sex and alcohol sends them on a wild bender.

At Eliza’s birthday party. Jarrod surprises Penny with a proposal.

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But the next morning, the consequences of his actions will have ramifications when he meets with the healthcare group.

Arriving at the clinic still inebriated and wearing the clothes from his wild night before, the surgeon doesn’t exactly impress the clients.

Will he ruin the deal and break Penny’s heart?


Ryan tells TV WEEK that Matt and Charlie’s split concerned fans.

“Naturally, the split caused some fans to be a bit upset,” he says.

“But when you see Miranda Tapsell’s face, you have to forgive her, as she’s so lovely. I have it tough, don’t I? They’re such loved actors.

“However, a lot of fans have asked when my character is going to stop moping around and be happy this season!” [Laughs]

Doctor Doctor airs Wednesday, 9pm on the Nine Network

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