Wentworth actress Kate Jenkinson opens up about acting opposite Pamela Rabe

Wentworth actress Kate Jenkinson admits she’s frightened of Joan “The Freak” Ferguson.

Joan “The Freak” Ferguson is certainly a TV character that would make you run for the hills if you were imprisoned in a jail with her.
In the current season of Wentworth she’s shown her aggressive and violent streak by dishing out punishment to other Wentworth inmates such as Juice (Sally-Anne Upton), Allie (Kate Jenkinson) and Iman (Zahra Newman).
Kate Jenkinson, who portrays fellow inmate Allie, tells TV WEEK she’s been in awe of actress Pamela Rabe’s portrayal of Joan.
She cites the early season five prison scene brawl where Allie attempted to attack Joan as being a memorable day of filming.
“She’s like a swamp monster,” Kate explains to TV WEEK. “It’s an acting lesson every time you’re on set with Pamela, she’s just incredible.”
Kate adds the violent prison yard fight scene was the first scene she shot for season five of Wentworth.
“It was not exactly the most casual re-entry in to the prison,” Kate laughs.
“But we did quite an intensive fight choreography preparation for that scene and nobody got hurt.”
Adding to the extreme scenes, it was shot outdoors on a freezing cold Melbourne day.
“In between the extreme physical activity we were huddling in the corner it was so cold,” Kate says.
“That scene represents everything about Wentworth – it’s cold and cruel and grey and dismal and scary and brutal.”

While Joan was frightening on the day, Kate adds Pamela couldn’t be more different.
“Pamela is so fierce and frightening as that character, but then as soon as they call cut, she asks, ‘Are you ok?’” Kate says. “She’s constantly worried she might have hurt someone.”

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