Rodger Corser spills all on the fourth season of Doctor Doctor

Take us back to Whyhope...

By Tamara Cullen
Surgeon. Lover. Brother. Son. Dr Hugh Knight has played many roles since his arrival in the small town of Whyhope. But in the new season of Doctor Doctor, he's adding another role to his résumé: father.
At the end of season three, Hugh (Rodger Corser) delivered his daughter himself – and was later left to raise her on his own when Harriet (Genevieve Hegney) skipped town.
"Drama's about conflict, isn't it?" Rodger, 45, says. "Hugh is grappling with the push and pull of wanting to be in the city. Plus, he now has a baby and the realities of that."
Fans are heading back to Whyhope!
Let's look ahead at life on the farm in season four.

Hugh Problems

With a new baby to care for, there are bound to be some funny moments. Hugh has never been the paternal type, so fans can expect to see him in all sorts of bother as he tries to cope with fatherhood.
"There are some great vignettes ― funny things you can play around with for the lighter moments in the series," Rodger says. "Ajax [Matt Castley] has a baby too, so there's room to make gags about Hugh being a granddad. And even just the two of them pushing prams down the street ― there are some humorous scenes."
However, the birth of his daughter could see the reckless doctor make some mature decisions. Will he finally commit to Penny (Hayley McElhinney)?
And don't forget hunky single dad Raph (Don Hany) is waiting patiently for Penny in the wings.
Choices, choices…
Hugh became a father at the end of season three.

Hot Romances

Move over, Hugh and Penny – there's a new love triangle in town.
After Charlie (Nicole da Silva) left Whyhope to help find Ivy's (Annabel Wolfe) mum in Bali, leaving her marriage to Matt (Ryan Johnson) in ruin, a new woman has filled the void.
Matt's former school crush April, played by Miranda Tapsell, turned up and the pair quickly rekindled their flame. In the finale, April unexpectedly popped the question. Watch out: this time bomb is ticking loudly!
Will Matt and April become engaged?

Loveable Locals

While we love the Knight family, the locals often provide light relief too.
Quirky employees Ken (Charles Wu) and Betty (Belinda Bromilow) will return to the hospital with more hijinks, while Meryl's (Tina Bursill) new business, Whyhope Connections, is the new spot for hopeless romantics.
Doctor Doctor will return soon to the Nine Network.

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