Doctor Doctor’s Nicole da Silva is loving motherhood

“It’s been a blast!”

By TV Week team
Returning to work with a baby hasn't caused any problems for actress Nicole da Silva. Nicole, who gave birth in the middle of 2018, is currently filming the fourth season of Doctor Doctor, in which she plays Charlie.
"It's great, actually," she told TV WEEK. "I've got really good support around me – family manage to take care of the baby – so it's been a fine passage back into work.
"We're more than halfway through [the season] and it's been a blast."
Nicole at the TV WEEK Logies!
Nicole, who plays Charlie in the show, has been filming in the NSW country town of Mudgee. But she said she doesn't take her baby on location.
"My parents help out a lot," she added. "They take over when I'm working quite intensely."
The 37-year-old said she loves being a mum.
"I love the perspective it gives," she explained. "You instantly have a better idea of what needs to be prioritised and what doesn't."
The cast of Doctor Doctor at the TV WEEK Logie Awards.
Almost a year after her baby was born, Nicole is still keeping their gender and name private.
"I obviously have a career that's in the public eye," she explained.
"But they [her child] have a different life and journey to what I do, and that's their decision in the end."

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