Happy 50th Birthday to 800 Words star Erik Thomson

Erik takes a trip down memory lane with TV WEEK.

Talk about coming full circle. Erik Thomson started his career in New Zealand, and now finds himself back there playing George Turner in the hit series 800 Words.

In the years between, Erik has had some memorable roles in shows such as All Saints and Packed To The Rafters. He’s also graced the big screen.

So, it’s not surprising that Erik has bumped into some huge stars in his time.

“I can do a bit of name-dropping,” Erik laughs.

On his 50th birthday, the actor takes a trip down memory lane with TV WEEK

PACIFIC DRIVE: Erik played Brett Barrett in Pacific Drive.

PACIFIC DRIVE: Erik says – “That was my first job in Australia. That’s Melissa Tkautz and Danielle Spencer. It was over 20 years ago and I didn’t know either of them. I arrived and half the cast were well-known actors from E Street – people like Kate Raison and Adrian Lee, Melissa, Simone Buchanan. All these people… I had no idea who they were!”

ALL SAINTS: Erik played Mitch Stevens who was in love with Terri (Georgie Parker).

ALL SAINTS: Erik says – “That was the bomb episode of All Saints, and the bomber was Eric Bana. He’d just finished filming Chopper and he knew our director, Kev Carlin. Kev asked him to come in and be a bomber. So, I’ve got some scenes with Eric Bana. But, then he went ballistic once Chopper hit.”

TV WEEK LOGIE AWARDS, 2002: Erik says – “I don’t know who thought orange was a good idea! Caitlin [McDougall, his wife] and I met in late 1997 through mutual friends. Caitlin got a job in All Saints and then Always Greener. We were about to get married and then we got roles in The Alice together.”

TV WEEK LOGIE AWARDS, 2003: Erik has been nominated for a number of TV WEEK Logie Awards over the years. He won the Logie for Best Actor in 2003 and 2016.

ACCIDENTS HAPPEN: Erik says – “I got to work with Geena Davis, which was really cool and lovely. Some Hollywood stars can walk into a room, all bells and whistles, and announce that they’re here. I was in the office when I met her, and this woman walked past me and I didn’t even look twice at her. She came up to me and said, ‘I’m Geena.’ She was so lovely and normal. But, once she was on set and in character, she was absolutely enthralling.”

PACKED TO THE RAFTERS: Erik played Dave Rafter, head of the Rafter family.

PACKED TO THE RAFTERS: Erik says – “That was a big scene – Melissa’s [Zoe Ventoura] death. We shot it at the cliffs in Bronte [in Sydney]. It was just Hugh [Sheridan, aka Ben] and I, and it was just really beautiful. He got the chance to break down. I was glad I was given the scene, because Rebecca Gibney got a lot of those scenes. I think I got the scene because it was really a father-and-son moment of having to just let it all out.”

PACKED TO THE RAFTERS: Packed To The Rafters won the TV WEEK Logie for Best Drama Program in 2009.

PACKED TO THE RAFTERS: The gang cleaned up at the 2012 TV WEEK Logie Awards.

NOW ADD HONEY, 2015: Erik says – “My character was a wet kind of cheater. The role came from a Logie Awards, actually. I met [writer/star] Robyn Butler and [director] Wayne Hope at the Logies. We probably had a few wines and were telling each other how much we loved each other’s work. Wayne called me up when they were putting this film together and said, ‘Remember that time we said it would be great to work together?’ I had fun doing it. All care, no responsibility.”

800 WORDS: Erik currently plays George Turner on 800 Words. A role that won him the TV WEEK Logie Award for Best Actor in 2016.

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