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Rebecca Gibney can't wait to work with Erik Thomson again

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and that’s certainly the case for former Packed to the Rafters co-stars Erik Thomson and Rebecca Gibney.

It’s been three years since 
the pair played Australia’s favourite on-screen couple Dave and Julie Rafter, and the spark between them is still very much alive. If the actors have it their way, it won’t be long until they’re working together again.
“I loved working with Bec and would love to again one day,” says Erik, 49, who is married to actress Caitlin McDougall.
“I’ve tended to play that kind of role against very strong central female characters,” says Erik, who returns to our screens this week for season two of Seven’s drama 800 Words.
“She is an amazing woman and a wonderful actress.”
Rebecca is ambassador for Lif3 Smartchip an Australian technology company that recently launched the most advanced scientifically proven mobile phone radiation reduction technology available to consumers today.
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And the feeling is mutual. Rebecca beamed with happiness when talking about Erik at a charity event for Lif3 Smartchip.
“Erik is such a great mate,” said the 51-year-old.
The ambassador for the Australian technology company that has the most advanced scientifically proven mobile phone radiation reduction technology, added that she and Erik remain in regular contact.
“I adore and miss him terribly. We text message frequently because we know how much we miss each other. We are always there for one another to talk shop – or anything, for that matter.”
Starring alongside Erik in Rafters for six seasons from 2008 to 2013, Rebecca says she’d jump at the chance to work with her leading man again – leaving many to wonder if a reunion is on the cards.
“I’m always asking when I’m going to make an appearance on 800 Words but I don’t think there is room for me,” she says.
“Erik and I are the best of friends. He has an acting style that suits my style, so whether it’s on Rafters or something else, I’d like to see that back on screen one day.”
Happily married to artist Richard Bell, Rebecca is currently riding her own wave of success, after it was announced her hit show Wanted has been signed for its second season.
The duo starred in Packed to the Rafters

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