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FOUND! Exactly where The Bachelor Australia is filmed

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The romantic, fairy-light adorned entrance to The Bachelor mansion is etched in the mind of every fan of the reality dating show. The winding hedge-lined path leading the singles to possibly the love of their life, is a setting fit for the movie screen.

But alas, this magical mansion actually exists.

While many aspects of popular dating show are kept tightly under wraps, we do have access to a few Bachie secrets such as, where the Bachelor is filmed, and where the Bachelor mansion is located.

So if like us, you enjoy a property perv, here’s what you need to know about Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins temporary digs!

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That’s some Bach-pad!

Where is the Bachelor Australia mansion?

The ladies vying for our Bachelor’s heart will reside in a swanky, two-storey mansion set on a 2.02 hectare property in the semi-rural town of Glenorie, about an hour’s drive northwest of Sydney.

The sprawling property features, large manicured gardens, pristine lawns, a tennis court, an Olympic sized swimming pool, plus plenty of romantic nooks for private interludes mid-cocktail party.

A long, winding tree-lined driveway, which our glamorous bachelorettes will be seen approaching Nick Cummins from, leads to the entry of the lavish property.

Previously, the dating reality series was filmed in a mansion in Sydney’s Hunters Hill where reportedly the neighbours were not too impressed with the TV production.

The Bachelor mansion from above.

What is the Bachelor mansion like inside?

For the series, the interior of the Bachie mansion is kitted out in lush furnishings and fine homewares to create the feel of an ultimate romantic escape.

The network’s set designers go all out to elevate the dreamy location. During Matty J’s season of The Bachelor the crew built a romantic bridge over the pool. Perhaps to inspire some Shakespearean-style scenes?

According to the mansion was built in 1983 and has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, which if correct, would be a bit of a squeeze for the 20-or-so singles residing there at the one time!

For Matty J’s season of The Bachelor the crew built a romantic bridge across the pool.

How much does the mansion cost to rent? states the mansion is currently valued at almost $1.5 million, however other sites report it’s value as $3.5 million.

It’s not known how much Ten are paying for the Glenorie mansion, but it’s been reported that the Hunters Hill property was priced at $25,000 a week. Yikes!

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