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Exactly where to follow The Bachelor Australia 2018 contestants on Instagram

Get your rose emojis ready…

By Philippa Tonkin
We already know that rugby legend Nick "The Honey Badger" Cummins will be the leading man on this year's The Bachelor Australia but who are the female contestants vying for our Bachie's heart?
There's no better way to get to know someone (other than having an real-life conversation!) than giving their Instagram account a solid stalk.
And now that Network Ten has officially announced the full list of amazing women battling it out to win the Bachelor's heart, we go can on a deep scroll through the 2018 Bachelor contestant's Instagram accounts.
Some of the lovely ladies are already social media stars in their own right -- mum-of-one Dasha with her #fitsporational account already boasts a social following of 332K -- while others, like Victorian cutie Shannon, use their Instagram accounts simply to take sweet snaps with friends and family.
So fingers at the 'follow' - here is every single Instagram account for The Bachelor Australia 2018 contestants!

Cassandra Wood

Handle: @casswood
Followers: 40.5K

Brooke Blurton

Handle: @b_rooklynb
Followers: 6,500
Youth worker Brooke has an inspirational story after growing up in a tough situation. Read more about her childhood heartache here.

Alisha Aitken-Radburn

Handle: @lish13
Followers: 1,000

Tenille Favios

Handle: @Tenillefavios
Followers: 1,600
Tenille has dated a former Bachie babe before, find out who!

Rhiannon Doherty

Handle: @rhi.zee
Followers: 1,200


Handle: @blair.j.tommy
Followers: 2,000

Aleksandra Sekuloska

Handle: @aleksandra.s16
Followers: 1,100

Sophie Tieman

Handle: @sophie.tieman
Followers: 3,200

Vanessa Sunshine

Handle: @vanessa.sunshine
Followers: 900
Is Vanessa Sunshine this year's villain? Some fans think so, click here to find out why!

Ashlea Harvey

Handle: @ashlea_harvey
Followers: 900

Brittany Hockley

Handle: @brittany_hockley
Followers: 2,400

Juliana King

Handle: @mermaid.witha.message
Followers: 7,300

Cat Henesey

Handle: @cat_henesey
Followers: 10.3k

Renee Cuzens

Handle: @reneecuz
Followers: 530

Steph Crothers

Handle: @stephcrothers
Followers: 400

Kayla Gray

Handle: @kaylagray1
Followers: 750

Cayla Tudehope

Handle: @loveloons
Followers: 26.2K

Dasha Gaivoronski

Handle: @dashbody_
Followers: 332K

Shannon Baff

Handle: @shannon_baff
Followers: 2,700

Emily Dibden

Handle: @emilydibden
Followers: 3,200

Christina Karklis

Handle: @christinajkarklis
Followers: 1,400

Romy Poulier

Handle: @romypoulier_
Followers: 1,900
Romy is an actress with a gig lined up on Home and Away! She's also related to THIS controversial Bachelor star.

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