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The Bachelor's Nick Cummins unmasked: THIS is what he look like with NO moustache

Beneath his trademark 'tache lies the most perfect bone structure you ever did see.

By Bella Brennan
Nick Cummins is many things.
The 2018 Bachelor. The ultimate family man. A former rugby union star.
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But perhaps his most noteworthy claim to fame is the fact he's the owner of the world's best moustache.
Nick's '70s porn star-inspired fuzz has certainly got Australia talking and we predict it's going to be the breakout star of this year's series of The Bachelor Australia.
In fact, the Honey Badger's blonde mo is so polarising many an opinion piece has already been written urging the 30-old to get rid of his facial hair.
One local publication even dramatically claimed network execs were "at war" with Nick and his insistence to keep the mo for the show, with producers fearing it would turn off the ladies.
Don't worry Nick, we're #TeamMo all the way!
Watch Nick Cummins with no moustache in the video players above and below!
Mo worries about it! We love the Badger's facial fuzz.
During an appearance on The Project, Nick was asked if he would ever shave off his moustache to which he confidently replied: "No!"
So while it's not going anywhere soon, you might still be wondering what Nick Cummins looks like without his moustache?
We've dug deep into the archives and unearthed some absolute banger retro pics, and let's just say Nick has the face of a cherubic angel.
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Behold, The Honey Badger sans mo:

What did we say? Face of a bloody angel.
Check out that Adonis-like bone structure.
Thumbs up to those cheek bones.
Badger + baby = ovary explosion.
Nick shows off his fuzz-free face en route to Japan when he played for the Coca Cola West Red Sparks in 2014. WATCH BELOW: A moustache-less Nick Cummins cracks jokes in Japanese on The Project. Post continues...
Mr Badger snaps a selfie with a fan after a dip at his local watering hole, Manly beach.
Who knew lederhosen could look so good?
During his sporting heyday, Nick kept clean-shaven.
A baby Badger in his natural habitat - the footy field!

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