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The Bachelor’s Queen Vakoo appeared on Have You Been Paying Attention and roasted Matt Agnew

Vakoo had #nofilter and it was glorious!

By far one of the biggest MVP’s of this season of The Bachelor is model Vakoo Kaurapirua.

And during an appearance on Have You Been Paying Attention last night, the 24-year-old proved exactly why we love her.

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During last Thursday’s episode of the hit show, Vakoo had some one-on-one time with Matt – only for her to turn into a giggling mess.

So much so, that HYBPA host, Tom Gleisner, was prompted to ask her if Matt was actually “funny”.

“He’s not,” Vakoo said abruptly, before backtracking.

“No, he is! No, he’s really funny but he wasn’t that funny.” (Watch in the player below)

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Vakoo with host Tom Gleisner on Have You Been Paying Attention.

(Source: Network Ten)

The African beauty also made mention that even though she got extended time with the Astrophysicist after winning the Bridal challenge – she wasn’t chosen for a “single” date.

“I think Matt has a very specific type anyway, so…not me!” she said, looking down with a smirk.

While she may not be his type, she did admit that Matt was her type – mainly because he’s “tall” and “has really nice teeth”…and never change, Vakoo!

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During the appearance, Vakoo, who did not receive a rose in last Thursday’s episode, revealed a particular highlight which didn’t make it to air.

“Well it wasn’t shown on the camera, there was a little scene when Matt came to get me and I went to hug him and I was wearing a strapless dress and my tits fell out,” she recalled.

“Why was that a highlight, I don’t know?” Vakoo asked.

“Well, then he took his jacket off and obviously the cameras would have seen if I had turned, and he took his jacket off and covered me with it which was really [nice]…”

Revealing even more insight into behind-the-scenes of the mansion, Vakoo also gave insight into the culturally iconic “dog c–t incident of 2019” – saying that Matt was on a serious mission to find out what really happened.

“He spent six hours or so, just – ‘whose name did you say? Oh, Rachael, Rachael I need you now’, the whole night. It went the whole night,” she admitted.

That old chestnut…

(Source: Network Ten)

Needless to say, Vakoo has zero filter – but that’s what we LOVE about her!

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