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Twitter is losing it over that dog comment on The Bachelor

We've reached peak Aussie.

By Alex Lilly
It's meant to be a dating show but Wednesday night's episode of The Bachelor seemed more like a crime investigation.
To get you up to speed if you missed it, Matt Agnew tried to get to the bottom of some rumours that featured, let's just say some eyebrow-raising language.
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In a quiet moment with Matt, Abbie (our favourite Gemini) revealed to him that some of the girls (mainly Monique) had referred to him as a "dog c--t" and a "disrespectful pig."
Only in Australia would this be the hot topic of discussion.
But now, the glorious Australian public have jumped onto their Twitter accounts to share their thoughts and they did not hold back.
"Only in Australia could an episode of a TV show revolve around a group of attractive women in ball gowns sipping on Prosecco repeatedly saying dog c---! #bachelorau #straya," one proud Aussie tweeted.
And even some of our favourite famous faces got involved on the hot debate.
Former Bondi Vet Dr Chris Brown had us giggling with his remark, "Tonight's episode of #thebachelorau has featured more dog anatomy than 5 years of vet school."
Even Bachelor host Osher weighed in on the action noting, "The amount of times we had to bleep Dog ---- it really quite staggering. #thebachelorau" before noting he'd worked on his "disappointed TV dad" face.
23 year-old Abbie who delivered the message to Matt hasn't impressed too many Bachie viewers and even some of her fellow Bachelorettes have weighed in.
In an exclusive chat with NW jewellery designer Cassandra Mamone said that just the night before the incident, Monique had styled Abbie's hair along with many other girls with her own Dyson hairdryer calling Monique a "very giving person."
"We were all watching TV and she had all the girls sitting in front of her one by one. She was just so giving to spend that time doing everyone's hair and then the next day Abbie's gone and done that. To be honest I just see people for what they are and Abbie has certainly done stuff for air time."
WATCH: Abbie drops the bombshell on Matt.
Even former Bachelor winner Laura Byrne was less than impressed with Abbie's decision to spill the beans.
"Drama drama, this is bad form," she captioned a video on her Instagram stories as Abbie revealed the details to Matt and later wrote "It never ends well for the messenger," when Abbie chatted to him once again at the cocktail party.
Drama indeed!
Former Bachelor star Laura Byrne has weighed in on Dog C---gate (Images: Instagram @ladyandacat)

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