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EXCLUSIVE: Australian Survivor’s Michelle reveals why this elimination was “heartbreaking” compared to her last

''Dropping that barrel, it was as if I dropped half a million dollars.''
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Another one bites the dust! The Nanny with Nine Lives Michelle Dougan was the fourth Survivor: All Stars contestant to have their torch snuffed as they were eliminated from the hit reality show.

While she was never voted out at a Tribal in season two, Michelle found herself in danger this time around when she was the first to drop out of the immunity challenge and was ultimately voted out by her teammates, when they found her to not be as much of a physical asset.

“Last time I came fourth, this time I’m fourth one out,” she said following her elimination. “I will not be using four in any of my lotto numbers, put it that way!”

Speaking exclusively to Now To Love, Michelle reveals why this time it was even more heartbreaking, plus why she can do any challenge in a dress.

Now To Love: Commiserations Michelle. You seemed concerned that you’d be eliminated as soon as you guys lost the challenge, were you surprised to go?

No, not at all. I knew my head was on the chopping block and I was just trying to convince the whole tribe that I would write down any single name other than mine. That was the best bid for me that night and usually I’m OK at that sort of stuff, usually I can just slide through.

I had this feeling that if I could get to tribe swap or merge, I will be ok and I thought of that as days away. But I just needed to survive tonight so dropping that [28 kilo] barrel, it was as if I dropped half a million dollars.

You left by a fire challenge in your last season, how did leaving by a Tribal Council compare?

It was worse. I’d never actually been voted out and it’s heartbreaking to think that your team doesn’t think you’re worthy enough. When you get voted out, it’s absolutely devastating. You’re thinking about so many things.

I wanted to play a really good game this time round and it felt like I hadn’t even started playing properly yet. It’s heartbreaking because you did all this prep and you didn’t get to play your best game but it’s just the way the game is, you play with a different group of people and it’s a different outcome.

“Dropping that barrel, it was as if I dropped half a million dollars.”

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At least this time round you beat Jericho, so that’s a plus.

Yeah. Anyone who did well last time seems to be getting the boot quite early, so I don’t know whether to take it as a compliment or not!

You were all about playing a strong social game, what was your strategy going to be this time around?

I was really excited when I saw people on my tribe like Harry and Nick, these snakes, these people who just wanted to mess things up. The time I played with them I was a bit disappointed because they didn’t want to mess anything up. But everyone’s going into this game for a second time so people are going to say ‘What I did last time was brilliant, I’m going to amp it up,’ or people play a completely different game and you start to gauge people in the first few days but it’s so soon and here I am.

Michelle was the fourth All Star to be eliminated.

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Who do you reckon are the ones to watch for the rest of the season?

The day I left, if you’d asked me who I thought had been playing the best so far, it’s Henry. In season two I was on opposite sides with him all the time and we weren’t in the same alliances and I got him out. I always had respect for his game play but working with him this time and on his side, I loved it.

The tribe seemed quite divided too, so who did you think would be next to go?

I would think Shonee’s on the chopping block because they seem to be getting out whoever can’t bench press 100 kilos or is in a dress and that seems to be their strategy at the moment.

“They seem to be getting out whoever can’t bench press 100 kilos.”

(Image: Network Ten)

You and Shonee both opted to wear dresses on the island, do a lot of people comment on your outfit as being impractical for challenges and the extreme weather?

I wear dresses every day and that’s me. If Serena Williams plays Wimbledon in a dress, then I’m sure I can play Survivor in a dress. You’re also on TV and you don’t want to look bad. Though I look exhausted on TV!

What was your motivation to come back on All Stars?

We were all approached and it sounds selfish, but it was purely the prize money for me- that’s life-changing. If you won that, you could put a deposit on a unit, you could shout the family a holiday and it’s such an amazing accomplishment. The title and half a million dollar prize money. It’s less life-changing for people who live in Sydney than if you live in Perth. We were talking last season about what we’d do with the prize money and people were going ‘I’ll buy a house, then go on a holiday.’ Like where do you guys live?

” If Serena Williams plays Wimbledon in a dress, then I’m sure I can play Survivor in a dress.”

(Image: Network Ten)

You had Locky, Henry and Jericho from your season on All Stars, who were you happiest and least happy to see?

I was shocked to see Jerry, over the moon to see him. Jerry and I are still good friends in real life, but he is someone I worked with the entire of season two. When I saw that he drew yellow and I drew green I was like ‘No!’ But Jerry being a previous winner, I didn’t know if that would make him a target or not.

I went in there thinking I don’t care who I see. I don’t care if they’ve won an Olympic medal or what they’ve done. This is Survivor, this is a whole different game. You can’t determine a winner because they won an Olympic medal or played professional footy before, that’s not the game we’re playing so I wasn’t intimidated by anyone.

*WATCH BELOW: Locky joins the cast of Australian Survivor: All Stars. Post continues after video…**

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And finally, who would you love to see take the prize money and be Sole Survivor?

You know what, it’s not a person, it’s a game-player. I don’t care if they’ve won zero challenges or every single immunity challenge. I care a lot more about the social side and I want to see an All-Star game-player. Good luck to whoever takes it out!

Michelle wants to see the ultimate game-player take the title of Sole Survivor.

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