It's time to merge: These Australian Survivor contestants have become friends in real life

Social game-play, the wholesome way.

By Alex Lilly
Survivor is a game about manipulation, lying and backstabbing. After all, you've got to play a good social game if you want to make it to the end.
But once the contestants have left the island and returned to the real world, it seems all that sneaking around doesn't even make a dent in the friendships made on the show.
With no entertainment or loved ones around you, you undoubtedly form close bonds with your campmates on Survivor. Especially when you all have to huddle together to stay warm during a tropical storm!
But even after filming wraps, the cast take their alliances into the real world.
2019 Contender Daisy Richardson even confessed to TV WEEK that most of her season's competitors still keep in touch via a group chat and that they all get along pretty well, even the contestants they didn't hang out with whilst the cameras were rolling.
"It's funny because I wasn't super close with Luke in the game but outside of the game we've become really good friends so I'm really lucky," she remarked.
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