The most empowering fashion moments from the tennis court

Game, set and conquer.

By Jess Pullar
In the wake of Serena Williams' cat suit controversy, there's no denying womens fashion on the tennis court remains a point of contention.
Sure, the skirts have become shorter and the styles have become bolder, but there's definitely room for improvement when some of tennis's most powerful women like Serena still face scrutiny.
Serena Williams was told her black skin-tight catsuit would not be tolerated at Roland Garros in the future.
Looking back, Serena certainly wasn't the first to test the boundaries of tennis court attire. In fact, women have been pushing the confines around tennis fashion since the 1920s. Players like French legend Suzanne Lenglen shocked spectators when she stepped out in a knee-length dress on the court.
But it was women like Suzanne who started the conversations and contributed to making these small wardrobe developments the norm - and thank goodness they did - you'd be hard pressed to see a tennis player don a knee-length skirt on the court today.
Over the years since, we've seen tennis court fashions range from practical to completely outlandish. Yet all of them make a powerful statement: Women have the power to make an impression that changes the way we think about things. We think that's worth celebrating.
Here, we round up some of the most inspiring fashion moments that have occurred on the tennis court over the past 100 years.

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