EXCLUSIVE: Jonathan LaPaglia reveals what's in store for Australian Survivor: All Stars

''The All Stars have adapted, studied and returned with fresh tactics.''

By Thomas Mitchell
While it might feel like ages since we tuned in to watch actress Pia Miranda romp home in the finale of Australian Survivor: Champions Vs Contenders, for the show's host, Jonathan LaPaglia, it's all a blur.
"We only had a six-week break between that finale and the start of shooting this next season," Jonathan, 50, tells TV WEEK.
The latest season, Australian Survivor: All Stars, sees the return of familiar faces – 24 contestants who've played the game before.
Despite being almost out on his feet during production − "I've never been so tired," he offers − Jonathan admits All Stars is the most competitive of the series' four seasons to date.
"I was curious to see everyone who came back, because I wanted to see if they had learnt from their previous time on Australian Survivor," he says. "That's because it's very much a game you can get better at."
Host Jonathan La Paglia is back for another season. (Image: Supplied)
The long-running host also noticed that the returning players had upped their games, bringing a new set of strategies to the island.
"Most of the All Stars played the game differently this time," he explains. "You could see they'd adapted, studied and returned with fresh tactics."

The line-up features players from all four Network 10 seasons of Australian Survivor. It includes previous winner Shane Gould, the swimming legend who became the oldest winner of a Survivor competition when she won the first season of Champions Vs Contenders in 2018, and Jericho Malabonga, who won in 2017.
"These are the top players from each season, which means viewers will see the game played at a heightened level," Jonathan says.
"It was also great for me as a host, because they all knew the Survivor vernacular and the ins and outs of the game."
So what can we expect as the All Stars prepare to outwit, outplay and outlast?
"Sophisticated strategising, intense competition and high-level challenges," Jonathan says.

Top 5 players to watch this season

Felicity "Flick" Egginton starred on the show back in 2016. (Image: Supplied)
Felicity "Flick" Egginton
27, Gold Coast, QLD
Australian Survivor (2016)
While her sunny Gold Coast disposition fooled most people, it didn't take long for Flick to become Saanapu's most conniving player. Despite anchoring a powerful alliance with El Rowland, Lee Carseldine, Matt Tarrant and Sam Webb, Flick was eventually voted out after 53 days.
The Golden God is back! (Image: Supplied)
David Genat
40, New York, USA
Champions Vs Contenders (2019)
David was happy to play the villain in last season's Champions Vs Contenders, strategically putting people offside and backing himself to win immunity. Having struggled through weight loss and knowing how hard the game is, will the model change his ways?
Rugby champ Mat is back for round two. (Image: Supplied)
Mat Rogers
43, Gold Coast, QLD
Champions Vs Contenders (2018)
A dual rugby international and veteran of Survivor: Champions Vs Contenders, Mat will be one to watch as All Stars gets underway. The 43-year-old has more than once proven he has the physicality to go all the way, but can he also win the battle of wits?
Don't f--- with Shane Gould! (Image: Supplied)
Shane Gould
63, Bicheno, TAS
Champions Vs Contenders (2018)
The oldest-ever winner of a Survivor series, Olympic legend Shane returns to the arena knowing anything but a victory will be a failure. Having just turned 63, Shane will again be the elder stateswoman of Survivor, but as she's proven before, age is just a number.
Self-confessed Survivor super-fan Nick is keen for a rematch. (Image: Supplied)
Nick Iadanza
31, Adelaide, SA
Australian Survivor (2016)
Arguably the most divisive contestant to have played the game, Nick will enter All Stars with a point to prove. A confessed Survivor super-fan, Nick's scheming ways saw him get targeted early in season one. Don't expect him to make the same mistake twice.

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