Where is Australian Survivor usually filmed? Well, not in Australia

It looks like paradise, that's for sure!

By Alex Lilly
Despite the tough challenges and lack of food, the contestants of Australian Survivor in past years have had some pretty spectacular filming locations.
With crystal clear waters and bright white sands, the beachy paradise that was home for the Champions and Contenders was one idyllic setting for a TV show but where in the world was it? Here's a clue, it was not in Australia.
Like the 2019 season, the show was filmed smack bang in the middle of the South Pacific in beautiful Savusavu, on Fiji's northern island last year.
Savusavu Bay was once a gigantic volcano, and if you make your way through the town, you're bound to come across its boiling springs. The island paradise has plenty of luxury resorts too so if you're wondering where to go for your next holiday, this is a hot contender if you don't feel like slumming it like the Survivor cast did.
Seasons three and four were shot in nearby in the equally beautiful Upolu, Samoa and season two was filmed in Efate in the Shefa Province of Vanuatu, but the first ever season was filmed on home turf in South Australia.
The perfect tropical backdrop! (Image: Instagram @deanandresaika)
As head of business development at Castaway Productions, who created Survivor, Julia Dick visits every filming location Survivor is filmed for each franchise.
But despite the shelters and debris made by the contestants, she revealed to in 2016 that the production team take before and after photos of the area so that a team of cleaners can restore it to its original beauty.
"We return everything to nature, how it was before we arrived.""There's a lot of cleaning when we arrive. A lot of trash washes up on beaches. We actually clean the beaches when we arrive to make it look pristine. We fit in with the local community."
The beaches and natural surroundings are restored to their natural beauty after filming. (Image: Instagram @survivorau)
The filming location may be beautiful but the contestants certainly aren't getting any luxuries until they're voted out of course.
"We had the clothes that we wore and then you could only have five other items. Five other clothing items!" 2018 Champion Steve 'The Commando' Willis admitted to NW that year.
"You couldn't take a pocket knife or a torch or a book or a pillow or any comfort items. You had your clothing items, and a little bag to carry your stuff in, and a water bottle."
For 55 days, Australian Survivor contestants also live on a small portion of rice and kidney beans a day, plus whatever they can forage near camp. It is by no means a sustainable diet, or a lifestyle condoned by health professionals and because of this, there are some shocking weight loss transformations by the end.
The contestants have the bare minimum during their time on the show. (Image: Instagram @deanandresaika)
In the mix for this year's Brains V Brawn season are models, scientists, body builders and Olympic champions as the show returned to Australia for the first time in years to film in Far North Queensland.
And with the premiere fast approaching, we can't wait to see what's in store!
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