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MAFS: We just had visuals of Sam and Ines having a “physical” affair and eww gross

Can we just not, MAFS?
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Is anyone else truly exhausted by Sam Ball and Ines Basic on Married at First Sight right now?

Because we are and this obscenely intimate tryst is getting way out of hand!

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On Monday’s episode, Sam and Ines took their relationship off the couch and into a bar on the Gold Coast… and then to a bed in a hotel room…

After Sam discusses for the 50 billionth time how his actual fake wife Lizzie Sobinoff doesn’t “tick all his boxes”, he insists to the cameras that actually, “he’s here to find someone that he really cares about.”

“Someone to grow with and someone to build a connection with…” Ya know, LOVE.


So as their completely set up and fake love affair continues, the pair have a very awkies date; complete with red wine, lick lipping and Ines’ continuous obsession with touching Sam’s hair.

Ines sure has an obsession with Sam’s luscious locks! (Source: Channel 9)

After what seems like an eternity and some serious foreplay involving talk about “loving cheese platters” (mi scusi??); Sam and Ines compliment themselves…we mean each other – until we actually want to vomit.

And guess what you guys, they both hate playing games…and after all of their behaviour, we are certain they mean of the Cluedo variety.

“Wanna bail,” Sam asks, and Ines is literally undressed and on the bed waiting for him…

“Cute,” they both say.

This is actually not cute… (Source: Channel 9)

What happens next is possibly the world’s most uncomfortable scene of MAFS or on television. Ever.

Sam picks up Ines and throws her down on the bed like a rag doll – and can we please just not?

We have so many reasons that this is NOT OK viewing.

Firstly, it all seems a little too private for cameras to be in the room – we actually squirmed watching.

WATCH NEXT: Sam throws Ines on the bed like a rag doll

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Secondly, while not legally married, Sam and Ines are 100% cheating on their spouses and completely humiliating them in the process.

And lastly, no one wants to see these two humans, who have zero respect for anyone, least themselves, get it on.

While we can also safely assume what happened after Ines landed on the bed, this is prime time television – and thank goodness for that, because no one needs to see that.

Until tomorrow night…

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