Married At First Sight

MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Sam Ball was forced to cheat with Ines Basic

The truth comes to light when the contestants jet to the Gold Coast.

The clandestine affair between Ines Ines and Sam Ball finally begins during the couple's getaway to the Gold Coast this week, but all might not be what it seems as whispers are circulating the pair's romance is a showmance, entirely orchestrated by producers!
In a Married At First Sight first, the newlyweds – excluding Matt and Lauren, who opted to leave the experiment during Sunday night's commitment ceremony – are flown to the Gold Coast for some fun and frivolity.
However, Sam, 26, arrives at the Vibe Hotel without his wife Elizabeth, 27.
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"Liz is sick so isn't allowed to be there at the beginning," spills an insider.
"And with Ines staying in a separate room to [her husband] Bronson, there's nothing holding her back from executing her dream – to be with Sam."
Woman's Day understands Ines, 25, and Sam first catch up at a local pub. Then the dalliance picks up pace in the downstairs pool area at the Vibe and finishes behind closed doors in Sam's room.
"Poor Sam," teases the insider.
"He has no idea he's been comprehensively bunny-boiled by Ines."
There's talk Ines and Sam's get-together may have all been for show. (Image: Channel Nine)

Most handsome groom

A good couple swap has always been ratings gold for Nine, so producers are said to have gone out of their way to ensure at least one switch happens this season.
"They recognised that Sam was the most handsome groom and that would make him a target for the other wives. At some point in the first couple of weeks of the experiment, they told him they would make a swap work if there was someone he liked."
A second source backs up the arrangement allegation, stating producers held meetings with Sam to talk about how the "affair" would play out and how they could spin the best story from it.
"They wanted to make them like Dean and Davina from the beginning. Sam played along with the plan because he knew it would be the biggest story on the show.
WATCH: Sam and Ines secretly meet up at the dinner party. Post continues after the video...
"They said, 'Look, we know you're not into Liz, why not give it a go with Ines instead and see where that could lead?' So they basically asked Sam to pretend to like her, while Ines on the other hand had no idea it was all for show. She had genuine feelings for Sam."
It might not be all one-sided, though. Speculation continues to grow that Ines could be an actress.
"I'm told she was always having secret meetings with producers and when the cameras weren't rolling she wasn't as full-on," reveals a show spy. "All the cast were talking about it."
Another source dishes, "Throughout the whole thing [Ines' husband] Bronson kept saying, 'She has to be an actress.'"
Even Ines' TV husband Bronson had suspicions she was an actress. (Image: Channel Nine)

Adding fuel to the fire

Akila Ahmunett, who says she dated Sam late last year after he finished filming, said last week, "Sam just did what the producers wanted, but I know he's embarrassed now."
An Endemol Shine Australia spokesperson denied the allegations, "This is not accurate. We neither would nor could make anyone say or do anything they don't want to."
Ines and Sam look like they have chemistry but is it real? (Image: Channel Nine)

Fears for Ines

She puts on a very tough persona on the show, but it seems cracks are starting to show in Ines' hard exterior.
Sources tell Woman's Day the legal assistant isn't coping with the negative backlash she's been getting from viewers.
Ines has lost 12kg from her thin frame. (Image: Channel Nine)
She's cut herself off from the rest of the cast, and her closest friends, and is living like a recluse in her Brisbane home.
"She's lost about 12kg since filming finished – and she was tiny to begin with," reveals a source. "Everyone's really worried about her."
An Endemol Shine spokesperson said, "The health and safety of our participants is always our first priority. Psychological support is readily available."

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