Married At First Sight

All the signs that MAFS stars Ines and Sam's "affair" is fake

Ines & Sam’s "affair" feels just as fake and staged as Dean & Davina’s hook-up last year.

By Bella Brennan
It's the highly-anticipated cheating scandal that promises to turn this season of Married At First Sight on its head.
And on Tuesday night, Ines Basic and Sam Ball's sordid tryst finally kicked off and if we're being honest, their performances are hardly worthy of a TV WEEK Logie nomination.
In fact, the whole thing felt like a trashy, scripted soap opera and we couldn't help but feel like MAFS was pretty much recycling and re-purposing the same exact formula they used on Dean Wells and Davina Rankin's cheating plot-line from last year's series.
As their affair finally kicks off, here are all the telltale signs this is more scripted than an episode of the Bold and the Beautiful...

The magical disappearing act

Not that we've ever lived in a shared apartment block with all our co-stars but we dare day sneaking around behind our partner's back to go and flirt with our neighbour wouldn't be the easiest thing to get away with.
But somehow for Ines and Sam, on Tuesday's episode of Married At First Sight they both dispose of their partners with ease so they can meet up at Ines' place.
Sam tells Elizabeth he needs to speak to his mum on the phone, while Bronson and Ines aren't actually sharing the same hotel room but are still in close quarters.
However following their couples' therapy, Ines follows expert John Aiken's advice and cooks her TV hubby dinner before rushing him out the door so she can get to her "snack", aka Sam.
Touched by her gesture, Bronson reveals it's the first home-cooked meal he's had in TWO YEARS, to which Ines' robotically replies: "That's good!"
"I absolutely just want to get this dinner with Bronson over and done with because once Bronson leaves, I'll call my new baby daddy over," Ines explains with a child-like grin.
Ines is literally counting down the seconds until she's alone with Sam. (Image: Channel Nine)

Sam and Ines' secret meet-up felt so staged and awkward

With Sam and Ines' respective partners conveniently out of the picture, it's time for the pair to meet up in Ines' hotel room.
Wasting no time to get close, the pair cuddle up on the couch, proceed to slag off their partners and talk about their palpable sexual chemistry.
From the forced laughter to Ines' declaration to send nudes, the whole meeting felt manufactured and over-produced.
But the cringiest moment had to be when Ines once again wheeled out her snack analogy.
"When I see you, I'm like that is my type of snack," the legal assistant tells Sam.
"A delicious snack, I hope? I thought you were a good snack as well... A little dessert," Sam replies.
They conclude their clandestine rendezvous by making plans to catch up soon.
Snack time: Watching Ines and Sam is beyond cringe. (Image: Channel Nine)

Elizabeth and Bronson have been set up by producers to look like fools

What's the bet producers orchestrated Elizabeth's lounge room picnic and Bronson's excitement over a measly serving of spag bol?
Little do these poor people know, betrayal is looming, they're about to be cheated on and the joke's on them.
The cruel editing does them no favours, either.
Watching Elizabeth try and set a romantic scene for Sam by feeding him chocolate-dipped strawberries in the hopes it might lead to some bedroom action later is just heartbreaking.
"Tonight a few kisses would be nice and time to get a bit sexy," Lizzie reveals.
Lizzie throws a lounge room picnic for Sam in the hopes it might lead to some bedroom action later. (Image: Channel Nine)
But the feeling isn't mutual.
"Elizabeth is not ticking any of my boxes," the 26-year-old tradie confesses as the camera pans to an eager Lizzie rattling off all the things they have in common, most notably that they both take pride in their appearance.
This of course is all lost on dear old Lizzie, who reckons things are going great guns.
"After the strawberries, I feel like we're getting more affectionate. We have definitely made progress," she says.
"When Sam comes back, a few kisses would be nice. And I think I'll be the one to initiate that," she laughs while her husband is playing up behind her back.
Silence is golden: Sam admits to shoving strawberries in his wife's mouth to shut her up, what a charmer. (Image: Channel Nine)