Married At First Sight

Sorry but Dean and Davina’s "affair" on MAFS has to be fake

Attention Australia, we’re all being taken for a ride!

By Bella Brennan
It's been touted as the most shocking scandal to ever rock the series but last night's episode of Married At First Sight felt more like a terribly scripted soap opera than a reality show.
In case you didn't get a chance to watch the hour-long saga, luckily for you we did!
In a nutshell Dean Wells and Davina Rankin have decided they have a much better connection with one another and unbeknownst to their respective "husband and wives", Ryan Gallagher and Tracey Jewel, they've decided to test the waters and meet up in secret.
But there were some very concerning holes in this suspicious plot line, and we have a lot of questions…

How come Ryan and Tracey both conveniently vanished when Tracey and Dean met up?

All the Married At First Sight couples are holed up in the same hotel, living under the one roof.
And when Davina and Dean decided to go on a covert date in Kings Cross, their partners suddenly vanished out of thin air – despite it being "YES" week and the experts encouraging the couples to spend as much time with each other.
Dean's wife Tracey met up co-star Gabrielle for a wine and a gossip while Ryan's exact whereabouts were never explained.

The producers clearly spoon-fed poor Tracey all of her lines so she looked like a mug

During Tracey's catch-up with Gab, the 34-year-old had obviously been told to gush about how much her hubby had changed since the last commitment ceremony, where he revealed he wanted to leave her.
"I feel respected and we've had really good chats and honest communication which wasn't there before," Tracey tells Gabrielle.
"I think he realised he did call it too early. Everyone makes mistakes! He is an honest, genuine person. He is thoughtful and he remembers. He got me flowers, went and got me coffee and remembered the coffee I like," she adds.
How lucky for Davina and Dean their partners managed to vanish into thin air at the exact time they had their secret rendezvous.
"Oh my god! I've got goosebumps," Gabrielle beams as if Dean is the Australian of the Year.
Cut to Dean and Davina trying not to dry hump each other in a bar.
"Between you and me it's a very, very long shot that anything serious is going to happen between me and Tracey. There's just not that spark there," Dean whispers to the 26-year-old.
WATCH: The biggest stitch-up of all time as Tracey tells Gab how great Dean is. Post continues...

Dean and Davina’s "date" felt forced and staged

From the breathy whispers, dry humping, to Davina brushing Dean's hair out of his face, seeing their "tryst" play out was like watching a scene from the Bold and the Beautiful.
WATCH: Dean and Davina ham it up for the cameras. Post continues...

Why did Dean buy Tracey flowers knowing he was about to see Davina?

What kind of twisted person buys flowers before he goes and emotionally cheats on his wife?
The whole stunt felt like it was concocted by a producer and we're not buying it.
Also, why did Tracey post this (see below) on Instagram after the episode had aired with such a loved-up caption knowing full well he'd been playing behind her back?!

Is Ryan in on the plot-line, too?

Watching the scene back when Ryan gets home and expertly probes Davina on her whereabouts and it looks like the 29-year-old might be in on the whole act.
Watch it below and see for yourself but our favourite part is when he sheepishly asks who she'd had a wine with. It's Oscar award-winning stuff.

Why did Davina’s bandage from her new tattoo vanish when she caught up with Dean?

Earlier in the episode, Davina and Ryan headed to the tattoo parlour to celebrate their journey with ink.
Ryan decided to get a mermaid who resembled the bikini model on his arm and a love heart drawn by Davina.
Returning the favour, Davina also got a tiny love heart tatt on her arm.
The pair skipped away from their date rocking matching bandages but in the next scene with Dean, Davina's bandage is nowhere to be seen. So much for continuity!
As this expert red circle reveals, Davina was rocking a bandage to protect her fresh ink...
And just moments later, NO bandage.

What have we learnt?

Of course reality is fake and scripted, we just prefer when it's done with a little more tact.
Dean and Davina may very well have sexual chemistry but we can't help but wonder if they were purposely cast to be this year's partner-swapping villains. Dean even proudly describes himself as this year's "super villain" on his Instagram bio.
What sane person agrees to have an affair on national television unless there's something in it for them? Be it money, more followers on social media or fame.
Keep in mind, Davina is an Instagram model, Tracey is a budding author who once appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Ryan happily took hit kit off on Kylie and Jackie O's naked dating segment and Dean clearly wants to raise his profile.
All in all, we reckon Dean, Davina, Tracey and Ryan all deserve a Razzie for their lacklustre performances.