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MAFS’ Ines Basic defends her sexy selfie after it was labelled ‘inappropriate’

And she also reveals a very unsurprising ally!
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Let’s talk about Married at First Sight’s Ines Basic…again.

The 28-year-old legal assistant, who time and time again stole the show with her toxic behaviour, is back in the spotlight for the second time this week.

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This time, the reality star is defending herself against that Instagram that set the interwebs alight.

Taking to Instagram on Sunday evening, Ines shared a suggestive picture of herself on her story which showed her sitting on a bed and pulling up her top to expose her bare stomach.

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But it wasn’t the staged image itself that surprised us – if anaything it’s all-too-common to see people use the social media platform as an amateur modelling portfolio.

No, it was the wording that really caught our attention.

The MAFS star wrote alongside the picture: “Show your dad this. Guarantee you he wanna see it.”

I think we’ll safely opt to not show this to our fathers, thanks. (Image: Instagram)

In defence of this, Ines has taken to Instagram once again and has clapped back at the backlash she received.

“I’m really confused as to why it’s ‘inappropriate’ for a women to express her sexuality?! Lol. Is this not my body? Do I not live in it? Lol,” she wrote.

“Why do we all love @badgirlriri give her praise, and respect for embracing her sexuality and being comfortable in her own skin? Is it because my platform & voice isn’t as large? Or is it because you are threatened [sic].”

Unfortunately, we think Ines might be missing the point just a little…

Ines questioned the backlash to her saucy pic. (Source: Instagram)

The racy photo was not the only thing that sent tongues wagging this week.

On Monday, in an NW exclusive, Ines was spotted having a little bit of fun – stealing some cheeky kisses with her co-star and BFF, Martha Kalifatids.

“They were all over each other,” says a fellow clubber. “They were loving the attention.”

So was it all for show?

“I wouldn’t be 100 per cent sure about her [Ines] hooking up with other girls,” spills a spy.

“She’s very bold and forward, and was known for preying on men already in relationships,” referring of course to her on-screen tryst with MAFS co-star Sam Ball.

Martha and Ines are almost inseparable now. (Source: Instagram)

Even though she’s not the most popular person right now – Ines has found support in not only Martha – but a new friend as well.

That’s right, Ines and MAFS new bride and “villain”, Susie Bradley, have formed a tight bond – and we have the screenshots to prove it!

In fact, Susie has been giving Ines a run for her money as most hated bride in Australia, after fighting with sweet angel child, husband Billy Vincent.

Firming up their friendship, Ines took to Susie’s Instagram on Sunday, leaving a few comments on a selfie.

Susie posted a beautiful selfie to her gram. (Source: Instagram)

No caption needed. (Source: Instagram)

“Susie I love you so much,” Ines wrote.

“Let’s catch up soon babe,” Susie then replied.

“10000% honey!” Ines then responded, and oh no.

Please no, God. Please. No.

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